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Old and Busted March 17, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, random stuff.

Ugh. Finished the Marital Quilt over the weekend.

The Marital Quilt
Which, really, is brilliant. I certainly don’t mean “ugh” in the sense that there’s anything wrong with the Marital Quilt. I’m extremely happy with it — the colors are great and it’s really kinda striking. But here’s the thing. The last, finishing bits involved laying it out on the floor. Making sure it was flat. Layering all the, uh, layers. Basting it together. Tying it. Trimming it. Lots of crawling around on the floor:
Almost done

by me. And yes, that’s Stupor Kitty up in the background watching. She’s such an attention whore.

Anyway. Here I am forty-(mumblemumble) years old. I do NOT need to crawl around on the floor for the better part of TWO DAYS to finish a quilt. For Pete’s sake. I have a job. I can just buy a bedspread.

But no. I need to finish what I’ve started. (Novel idea, I know, but I can do this.) So I do it. I creep about on my hands and knees all afternoon and evening Saturday.

Don’t quite finish. Sunday morning, I wake up, and there’s a decided stiffness to my neck and shoulders.

I must have slept wrong, huh?

I get out up and go downstairs, where Peeps has my coffee waiting for me. He’s such a sweetie. 🙂 He calls The Mother In Law, and I decided, while he’s on the phone, to finish tying the quilt. So, I lay it out, ever so neatly, back on the floor, and drop to my knees.

Holy crap. That HURTS! I don’t know if it’s bruising, or carpet burns, or just old-fashioned, old-folks joint aches, but My Knees Hurt.

And so do my elbows. Along with my neck. AND my hips.

For god’s sake. Every friffing joint in my body hurts. From QUILTING??? Isn’t quilting what old people DO? WTF is up with THAT?

I’m playing hooky tomorrow. I deserve it.

Stay tuned for my eventual foray into old-lady knitting.

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