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Queen of the Underdark May 15, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, Stupor Kitty.

So I’ll admit it. I’m something of a nerd. Or a geek-ette. Whatever. My darling Peeps introduced me to a series of fantasy novels a while back, and, I have to confess, I kinda enjoy them.  So there are liable to be the occasional references. (Occasional references like, oh, say, Jarlaxle. )That’s OK, though. The books are. . . colorful.

Anyway, all that really matters at this point is the sad, sad story of our poor Stupor Kitty, and her self-exile to the basement.


OK, maybe she’s not quite Lolth the Demon Queen of the Abyss. But she’s definitely playing this for all it’s worth.



She just sits there, on her throne, accepting any homage I care to offer – the catch being that I have to come to her.

We’re trying to persuade her that “upstairs” isn’t some hideous dog-infested extension of Hades, and that there really is plenty of room for her AND The Big Lug. So far, though, she’s having none of it.

However, since the vet said that we should “spend time” with her and “reassure” her and “make her feel safe” we’ve been regularly visiting her in her subterranean lair.

I mean, how sad is it. Upstairs there’s a nice cozy carpet for rolling on, and open windows with dressers beneath them designed only for Her pleasure, yet she chooses to indulge herself with her continuing pity party. Aww. . . poor kitty, stuck in the dank, dark basement, with the cold, hard cement floor all alone with no one to love . . . awwww. . .

Photobucket Photobucket

Is it really obvious that I’m starting to think that she just needs to suck it up? Neither of us us has ever had the luxury of sulking for this long, for any reason. Build a bridge, Stupor Kitty, and get over it. Put on your big girl pants. Man up. (OK, so that one might be a little tough.) Sheesh. Kitties (and kids) have been adjusting to puppies (and baby brothers) since the beginning of time. Yes, little brothers suck. Yes, we get it, you’re mad. Learn to torment him like a good big sister kitty should. How hard is that?

Or you can spend the rest of your days living in the basement, like a Borrower or something.


Sharing your quarters with the massive bag of dog food. There’s just nothing like rubbing it in, is there?


Oh the humanity!



1. judy - May 16, 2008

Hilarious! The story makes me smile but the pics make me burst out laughing. That is one stubborn cat! Thanks again for sharing.

I have had a couple in the past who would throw fits if I was gone long enough to have to take a suitcase. I would come home to clothes pulled down off hangers and worse! Finally got smart, secured closet doors, did not produce the suitcase until I was ready to go (put clothes in piles on a table) and hope for the best.

The ones I have now pulled a stunt when I was gone to my son’s wedding last month by not coming out for under the bed when the cat sitter came. The sitter never really saw either of them, but she was a cool girl and lay down on the floor by the bed to put their treats down for them. I am not sure even I would have done that!

I hope she comes up soon and you can all live happily ever after. 🙂


2. ToyLady - May 16, 2008

Cats can be odd, can’t they? Stubborn. Merlin, the cat I had when Surly Boy was born, sulked for weeks . . . he went from sleeping ON me to refusing to let me touch him. He wouldn’t even eat when I put down food for him. 😦

Merlin got over it, and I’m sure Stupor Kitty will too. 🙄

3. Julie F - May 21, 2008

Mam you are just a brilliant, brilliant writer.

Poor baby.

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