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The Great Gazoo Has Gone Home May 30, 2008

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What sad news. Another great comedic talent has left us. 😥

Farewell, Mr. Korman. The world will be a less fun place without you. You will be missed.

The Great Gazoo

Harvey Korman was a comic for the ages. Yes, he was the Great Gazoo during the last season of the original Flintstones cartoons. Who knew? Personally, I think getting Harvey Korman was probably an attempt to save the show. . . but that’s neither here nor there. 🙄

When was there ever a better villain, a more brilliant picture of corruption and excess, than Hedley Lamarr? Come on, who didn’t watch Blazing Saddles as a teenager? 🙂

Even early on – before I was born – he was the straight man who made everything funnier just by being there.

Yes, Harvey Korman was a star. But even more than that, he was a part of some of the most enduring comedy of all time, and, I would dare say, without his genius, some of the great belly laughs of all time, the ones that make the tears roll down our cheeks, that make our stomachs ache from laughing so hard, might not have been.

Who could ever forget the Carol Burnett Show, and watching Harvey Korman and Tim Conway crack each other up? Who didn’t roffle at that? rotfl.gifrotfl.gif Got to be some of the funniest stuff of all time – just watching these two pros enjoying themselves – and their jobs – that much!

We just won’t mention his part in the Star Wars Holiday Special today, that’s all, which I’ve had the good fortune never to have seen. 🙂

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