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Trying to fit in October 22, 2008

Posted by Peeps in Musings, random stuff, Rochester.

I was born in northern New Jersey. Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes. And yes, they mostly annoy me. I found out a long time ago that the best way to deal with some moron who asks me “Hey, what exit do you live off of?” is to tell them. In precise detail.

Regardless, I am a Jersey boy at heart. I used to spend Summers away at my grandparents in New Hampshire or with my father in Montreal or later Vancouver. I went to school for three years in Colorado. I’ve visited friends in various parts of the country. So I’m a well-traveled Jersey boy.

About seven years ago, I moved to Rochester. That’s where the woman I love lived, and it wasn’t a major sacrifice. Besides, new places can be interesting. So here I am. Rochester. And after all this time, I can’t consider myself as a New Yorker.

Part of it is the just serious difference from what I’m used to. People here complain about traffic. I’m reasonably sure that most of the people here would break down in tears being stuck on the Garden State Parkway on Labor Day weekend. There really isn’t traffic here. Not worth talking about.

Almost every single crime that happens in the greater Rochester area gets on the news. Are you kidding me? If they tried to do that in New Jersey, they’d need a live crime channel. All the time. Maybe more than one. And yet people talk about bad neighborhoods they don’t want to go into. Please.

Mostly, I miss junk food. New Jersey has some of the best places to eat in this country. Regardless of what you’re looking for. But when it comes to the food that should kill you dead, there’s no place like home. Rochester has a thing called a garbage plate. It’s not bad. It’s actually mighty good. But it’ll never replace going to White Castle, no matter what time of day. Or Jimmy Buffs. Or the great diners that are everywhere. We’ve found a couple of good places to get breakfast here, but diners are breakfast Mecca. And pizza. I so miss good pizza. It’s gotten to the point that we make our own. And after several months, I’ve almost gotten to the point where I think I’ve almost got it right.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice here. Driving to almost anywhere takes twenty minutes. Wegman’s is based her, and they are probably the best supermarket in the world. There’s also the Dinosaur. Although, I’m working on good barbecue, too. There is good theater, a world class orchestra, very lovely scenery. But I have to be honest. On the odd occasion that people ask me where I’m from, I have to pause. And then tell them that I live in Rochester. But I still don’t quite feel it.



1. Mazco - October 23, 2008

Great entry. It’s nice to know you haven’t forgotten your roots.

And I also have to thank you for Famous Ray’s.

BTW – 10/22 is our wedding anniversary. 25 years. Thanks for a great gift with your entry.

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