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An Apple a Day. . . well, you know October 24, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

. . . What else is there to really say about apples? 😉


First off, Peeps’s favorite apple variety is, to date, Granny Smith. Which I’m fine with. I’ve always been fond of Empires, but they’re not really consistent – one year they’ll be wonderfully crisp and juicy and tart and sweet. . . and the next year they’ll be soft, mushy and practically flavorless. Almost like a Macintosh. yuck.gif OK, maybe that’s a bit of an over reaction. But Macs just aren’t high on the list of favorite apples. Obviously. 🙄

Anyhow, apples are in season. Right now, they’re in season. 😀

Actually, they technically have been in season for a couple of months now, but, just like most other fruit, my experience has been that, as a rule, the later varieties have the best flavor. A sweeter and more, I don’t know, well-rounded flavor, I guess. Not always, but just a rule of thumb, that’s all. In my opinion. And my limited experience, of course. 😉


However, if you wait for Granny Smith season, there’s a really good chance you’ll miss out on pretty much everything else good. Last weekend, on what might have been the final decent weekend of the year, Peeps and I went a-pickin’. 😀 We went to Green Acres, in North Greece.

No sign of Eva. Or, actually, any of the Gabor sisters. 😯

Oh, come on, you had to see that coming. rotfl.gif

A note – Green Acres charges sixty cents a pound for pick-your-own apples – all varieties. The grocery store this week was running fresh apples for $1.49. And having the chance to enjoy a picture-perfect fall day while picking my own apples – well, how can we go wrong? 😉

It was a gorgeous day. Just ask any of the twelve hundred other people at the orchard. 🙄


Or at the Country Store connected with the orchard. 😯


We are talking ZOO.

Always, when we pick apples, we have to find our variety first. Granny Smith is just past the pumpkin patch, and to the right. . . can’t miss ’em.


Ah, there they are! 😆


This particular orchard, unlike some others I’ve visited, only plants dwarf trees. In theory, the trees are about 6-8 feet tall, and even the apples at the very tops of the trees are “easy” to reach, thus avoiding the need for members of the general public to use ladders, and all the associated liability issues. . .


In reality, most of the trees are slightly taller than 8 feet tall, and a ridiculously frustrating number a very few of the lovely, juicy fruits are just out of reach. And, really, unless you’re under 10 years old, you don’t want to take your chances climbing one of those teeny trees, either. 🙄


Not to worry, though. There are plenty of low-hanging apples to be found! 😆 And, if worst comes to worst, there are plenty of windfalls.


In fact, it was in the “done” row next to the Granny Smiths that we came across a boatload of some other variety, and, sure enough, we went far enough down that row to find several apples still on the tree.


I’m not sure what variety these little guys were (there were no longer any signs posted for that row), but I suspect they may have been honeycrisp. I have never tasted a honeycrisp apple, so I’m only going by the visual clues. These apples are wonderful! They’re just as crisp as the Granny Smiths, and they’re tart, yet a little sweeter. And juicy! I would so eat these all winter! yummy.gif I should have asked at the checkpoint when we left, but it didn’t occur to me. . . 🙄


The damages? Well, for about 20 minutes worth of work, we weighed in with 25 pounds of apples, for a grand total of $15.00. Now 25 pounds of apples is quite a few, sure. But we can eat them, a and bake with them, and did I mention eat them? They’re really good. 😀 And healthy too! 😆




1. origamifreak - October 25, 2008

Along the way from Trento to Asolo there were lots of little roadside stands set up, with hand-lettered signs that said “Vende Mela,” so I can with perfect confidence say that it is also Apple Season here. 🙂

In fact, I got to taste some local Trentino samples of Reinette, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Fuji. The Fuji were the best. http://origamifreak.wordpress.com/2008/10/23/poll-testing

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