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Monday Musings – 10.27.08 Edition October 27, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

PhotobucketHere is an interesting little food factoid. 😉

Cream cheese was accidentally invented in 1872 by a New York dairyman who was trying to reproduce French neufchâtel cheese because Americans didn’t want to .

And American neufchâtel cheese – well, we all know that that’s a low-fat substitute for cream cheese.

You just kinda gotta love the irony, don’t you? 😆

But wait – I’ve got one more! French neufchâtel, when it’s made in America, is farmers cheese.


Peeps pointed out this festive bit of automotive decoration this afternoon:


It must be just like driving around on pumpkins.

Boy, I can’t wait to see what he does for Valentine’s Day. 🙄


Um, Harley Kitty’s chipmunk got away – it climbed the tree.


And he she patiently waits. It’s got to come down sometime, right? 😯


Speaking of kitties, Surly Boy stopped over last week, and while he was here, he spent some time with Stupor Kitty . . . the poor thing is so lonely. 😥


She’s becoming far more sociable, though – coming out to greet us when we come downstairs, and getting brushed when she needs it.

One day soon, I’m hoping she’ll return to the sunlit lands. . . 😦



And this week’s mystery market food is. . . rainbow swiss chard! 😆

Actually, we did pick up some regular old boring swiss chard last week at the Greece farmers’ market last week, and we liked it very much, but this stuff is just cool. 😉

We also got some parsnips, which neither of us has ever tried, but they’re not as colorful. 😀

So we’ve got the greens pre-blanched and stuck in the fridge (they take up FAR less room that way!) to enjoy with some oven-fried chicken later in the week.

And the parsnips, well, we forgot all about them when planning this week’s menu, so they’re stashed in the fridge, and we can figure out what to do with them next week. 😳


PhotobucketAnd who’s our veggie mad puppster? What he is nibbling there are fronds from fresh fennel which I scored at the market Saturday morning (3 for $2 – and supermarket fennels half the size – about a pound a piece – for $2.99 a pound!). I walked in with the bag, and that goofy dog started leaping and racing around the house – litterally running circles around me and grabbing at my fennel!

I don’t know – something about that licoricy goodness just makes him crazy, I guess. He finally simmered down when I broke him off one of the leaves that he’d already grabbed at and gotten covered with dog germs. 😆

What can I say? He’s weird, I know. 🙄




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