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Online: deal or no deal? October 29, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Big Lug, Home, random stuff.

The internet. It’s a neat place, really.

You can find pretty much anything there – people, information, stuff, whatever you want, it’s on the internet, isn’t it? Especially stuff.

In the past week, between the two of us, Peeps and I have done more than our share of ordering stuff online.

First, Peeps wanted needed the Ironman DVD.

He looked all over town for the 2-disc collectors’ edition, but he couldn’t find it. Hey, I’m just reporting.   Though, to be fair, I enjoyed the movie too.

Anyway, he went to Amazon and found it, along with the Hulk movie, for slightly less than it had been offered locally. If it had been available, which it wasn’t.  Yay Amazon.


And of course, we get the puppster’s joint supplements online, too.

Yeah, poor Jarly. He’s got that whole hip issue that so many bigger dogs have, and when we took him to the vet for his initial check when we got him, she recommended glucosamine supplements. Old-people pills – for the baby!

And honestly, they’ve made a huge difference, too. Six months ago, he would actually be limping after a walk of a couple of blocks. Really! Now? Well, we routinely do a mile, mile and a half, and he’s still perky at the end. And we order the supplements from Sam’s Club online (the local stores don’t carry them), and they’re way cheaper than in the pet stores – with Fedex ground shipping included. How can we go wrong?

Well. . . there are the cloth napkins.

We decided that we should maybe start using cloth, rather than paper, napkins. It wasn’t necessarily about the environment, or saving trees, or anything like that, to be perfectly honest.   No. It was more about the fact that we are two civilized adults, and cloth napkins just contribute a whole different “feel” to a nice dinner than do paper napkins.

What can I say? Every now and then, we break out the good crystal, too.

Anyway, while I may be, uh, snobbish enough to want to use cloth napkins, I’m not about to be too spendy about it.  Um, let’s check Sam’s Club.

So our local Sam’s Club seems to be out-of-stock. Bummer.  That’s OK – let’s go online, then.


Ah ha! I ordered a package of some nice sage green napkins. That will go perfectly in the dining room.

Yeah. Surprisingly, I ended up with green checked napkins.


Erm. . . not exactly what I expected.  However, after a quick reconnaissance, Peeps and I decided that:

  1. It was probably more trouble than it was worth to return the wrong napkins in the hopes that they would be replaced by the correct napkins,
  2. They weren’t really THAT awful,
  3. We wouldn’t mind so much if they got stained, and
  4. They were really pretty cheap anyway.

So we are the proud owners of 2 dozen green-and-white-checked cloth napkins. Pretty cool, huh?

But best of all is our latest Woot.  Did I mention that Peeps WAS a Woot virgin? As in “used to be.”   No more, though. Last weekend, he scored the coolest blender. 51 ounces. Glass jar with a pouring spout. Dishwasher safe. And 750 watts, baby!  Dude, this thing frickin’ rocks!


After he unpacked his new, fancy blender, he actually scoffed at my smoothie blender.

Which has served me well – and continues to serve me well. AND it’s a lot lighter – AND SMALLER than that monster.

So, since it’s a little late for Margaritas, we thought we’d run the blender through its paces by crushing some ice. After all, that’s supposed to be a real trial for a blender, right?

Jar half full of ice.


Turn it on to “ice crush.”


How cool! It actually, without another touch, pulses every second for one minute.   All by itself!


And here it is – October, and we’ve got snow!  (Note that this is the only instance where that’s a good thing!)


Oh good, even Jarly approves of a little pre-season snow!


In fact, he likes it a lot!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to get the snow plow out. I’m gonna need it in the kitchen soon.



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