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Monday Musings – 11.03.08 Edition November 3, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.


I hate daylight savings. HATE IT. Longest. Weekend. Ever. And not in a good way, either. 😦 You wake up at 5:00, your regular time, OLD TIME, and it’s now 4:00, NEW TIME, which, by any civilized standard, is a ridiculously early hour. You go ahead and take the dog out, because he agrees that it’s our regular getting-up time, and you walk an extra couple of blocks because what the heck, you’ve got that extra hour, right? So you get back, look at the clock, and it’s STILL ridiculously early. Then you’re STARVING by 10AM, and ready for bed at 7.

Stupid time change week. Blech.



Halloween has come and gone. With only a half-bag of the Skittles-Starburst mix left over. We opted for this mix in the hopes that the leftovers would be less, um, decadent – and a little more resistible – than the Snickers and Other Really Good Stuff that we usually hand out. πŸ™„

At least we managed to unload most of those nasty “tropical” flavored Starburst before the end of the night, anyway! yuck.gif




Jarly weathered Halloween fairly well . . . we put a “Puppy in Training” sign on the door then took turns keeping him calm, relaxed, and reasonably compliant while we were deluged by the kids.

He even did “OK” when the firemen came by with the lights flashing to hand out candy. . . for the most part. πŸ™„



This week’s mystery veggie was. . . parsnips. Neither of us had ever had them, and last weekend, we picked up a couple at the market. Although there are parsnip recipes galore which include treatment like maple syrup and braising with equal parts celery, we wanted to actually know whether we liked the parsnips themselves. Seems reasonable, huh?


I simply chopped them into bite-sized pieces, a little olive oil and salt, and about a quarter cup of water, then covered with foil and into a hot oven for about half an hour, until they were soft. I took the foil off and gave them a chance to caramelize a bit, and it turns out that we do like parsnips. We like them a lot. πŸ˜€ Watch for some parsnip fun in the coming months.

And I’m going to call my mother and fine out why I’ve never had parsnips before now. . . πŸ™„


That dog sure does love his sticks, doesn’t he? He keeps finding bigger and bigger ones . . . and when he turns around to see what we’re laughing at, one of us always gets it in the kneecap. πŸ™„


Goofball. πŸ˜†



OK, I have a question.

Why is there a weight limit on a “pet throw?”

You do know it’s a BLANKET. With a load tolerance?

I mean, it’s not going to break.

Is it? 😯

And if “Extra Large” is for dogs weighing up to 100 pounds, well. . . holy cow, what size would I get for Jarly, then?



I have grown so used to fresh herbs on demand this summer! Whenever I’ve needed something, it’s a few steps outside the door, and I’ve got it. Now that the frost is on the pumpkins, so to speak, it’s time to make alternate arrangements. Peeps and I stumbled on some mini strawberry pots a couple of months ago at Joann Fabrics, and thought, “huh.” They’d make a perfect window herb garden, don’t you think? Tarragon, sage, thyme, and mint.


Well, the holiday season will be upon us before we know it, won’t it? And, since I rarely cook a full holiday meal, we generally spend the late fall months experimenting with new and exciting side dishes that we can share with the family. Like scalloped potatoes with sweet potatoes, fennel and leeks. I’ll let you know. . .




1. Mazco - November 3, 2008

Well gee, then you and Peeps are the perfect couple. For years I listened to a grown man whine over a lousy hour sleep he would lose every spring. Didn’t matter that he would get it back in the fall. He was mad that he lost that hour.

And now Toys, you are the Yin to his Yang. You get upset with the extra hour sleep. You are the perfect couple.

I hate to use it, but SIUB.

2. origamifreak - November 3, 2008

I really like parsnips. Congrats on discovering them!

Mystery Vegetable suggestion: celeriac (or celery root)

My weekly vegetable subscription had this as a choice last week, and it was fantastic!

The recipe in Fannie Farmer said to just wash, pare the outside layer off, cut into 1/4 inch slices, and braise with butter and beef stock. I didn’t have butter, but olive oil and beef bouillon worked great. Sweet, earthy, celery goodness.

3. Toy Lady - November 3, 2008

Hi, O.F.! Believe it or not, it was a tossup last week between parsnips and celeriac. . . we went with parsnips because, well, they were less homely, I guess. πŸ˜‰

We would hate to overload the veggie-bashful among us, you know. πŸ˜† Not naming names or anything, of course.

And Maz. Maz, Maz, Maz. πŸ™„ If I had had that mythical extra hour of sleep, that would be a completely different story. The whole point is that that extra hour is a Big Fat Lie. Next thing I know, you’ll be telling me that you believe in Groundhog Day. 😯

It’s the MAN trying to keep me down, that’s what it is.

A vast conspiracy of insomniacs.

4. judy - November 3, 2008

ha ha….I actually opened my blinds in the bedroom a little more last night to have the light shine in earlier this morning to help me get up at 7:30 instead of 8:30! I need all the sun I can get for the next 3 months.

I did get out “in the sun” today as it was a beautiful and warm day and got the car washed and went to the Farmers Market store. Good stuff….spinach…I love spinach…was such a bargin…beef steak tomatos and beautiful yams. I LOVE YAMS. just for me…myself and. I can be a selfish cook when I just all of it. If I have to share it will be good stuff but…well….the daughter does not like spinach anyway so that works well. Huge purple grapes, the sweet ones, and red onions. I am in heaven.

Oh fresh mushrooms….what a salad I am going to make ..oh and the most beautiful green peppers I have ever seen…huge…

We are lucky here as we still get so many things from Mexico who has a much longer growing season than we do here because we are at such a high altitude and one frost will do it…way to early some times.

Thanks for the Monday musings…I also love parsnips…my mother introduced us to them when I was a wee child…no, you don’t need to know how many years ago that was.

hugs and pats….pass them around as appropriate….just scratch Kitty behind the ears and tell her “judy loves you” over and over and over. πŸ™‚


5. origamifreak - November 3, 2008

Hehe. I actually eschewed the parsnips last week because THEY were homely – compared with the celeriac. And as you can imagine, that’s saying a lot!

I guess he’d grown them in a stony bed, because the least complicated ones looked like little people with arms and legs – and the worst ones looked like something HP Lovecraft would dream up. I couldn’t even begin to imagine cleaning them…

6. Fearsome and Unnatural Parsnips « Manifolds - November 5, 2008

[…] lovecraft, parsnips I just picked up the week’s vegetables, and after a discussion over at Dark Side of the Fridge about the relative scariness of parsnips versus celeriac, I decided to pick some up to illustrate […]

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