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Mirth & Woe – Poo November 4, 2008

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Yep, another installment in my newly-created (just this minute, actually), occasional “Mirth & Woe” series. 😀

You thought this was going to be an election day post, didn’t you? 😆

As an aside, voting is an American privilege. If you haven’t already, please, spend your vote wisely.

So, Mirth & Woe – with another nod to Scary Duck, of course. Mr. Duck has some of the funniest “mirth” and some of the saddest “woe” I’ve ever seen. . .

For me, anyway, it’s kind of a good news – bad news sort of thing, you know? Sort of a “look on the bright side” attitude, you know? 😆

So there we were. I took a couple of vacation days – I never use all my vacation time, you know. Something about leaving the office for a few days, then the horror I come back to, it’s just somehow not worth it. 🙄

Anyway. I took off a nice Thursday and Friday, thus setting myself up for a lovely, lovely 4-day weekend, one which included the horror which is time change weekend. 😯

So here we were. Peeps kindly offered to take over the early-morning doody-duty on Friday morning to give me the chance to sleep in. While I get up and do the morning walk as much for myself (and my big fat ass) as for the dog, it’s nice to have an occasional break, too, isn’t it? 🙂

Then, for reasons that will become glaringly apparent, round about 3 or 4 Friday morning (hard to tell, really, what time it was), Jarly starts feeling, uh, lonely.

Bark! Bark!

Finally, Peeps took him out for a quick middle of the night pee-now-STFU. Please. 🙄

Bark! Bark!



It is 4 o’clock. In the morning. We are SO NOT getting up yet. Neither one of us. No fricking way.

So we tuned him out, and he settled down, and we grabbed a last partial hour of sort-of sleep. Peeps got up and took the dog out, and though I tried to roll over and go back to sleep, I guess I’m too much a creature of habit, and I was right behind him. 🙄

I should have stayed in bed. It seems that the middle-of-the-night barky-face stuff wasn’t just loneliness after all. 😥

Peeps was out with the boy on the regular morning walk, and I was confronted with several, erm, explanations for his early morning histrionics. yuck.gif So I started cleaning, wanting to get everything taken care of before they got back.

Cleaning. And wiping. And scrubbing.

At 5 in the morning. Before coffee.


Obviously, the puppster had some sort of tummy upset. . . that carried over into to next morning. 😥


This isn’t the first time this has happened. I suspect he occasionally picks up some sort of contraband on his walk. . . something that I’m probably happier not knowing about. 🙄

Even the ridiculous amounts of string cheese he ended up ingesting Halloween night didn’t help. 🙄

And we already know he’s not interested in bananas.

So we finally spiked his dinner with some white rice, which always seems to do the trick. 😀 Maybe next time we’ll try it with some chicken soup. 😉

Hey, you learn a thing or two in twenty years as a mom, you know. 😆

So anyway. The good news. 😀

Well, after two mornings of, uh, uncontrolled tummy issues, the dining room carpet was a mess. Even though we diligently scrubbed and rinsed and scrubbed some more, one can only do just so much by hand. 😦


And the poor baby has just worn himself out, too. 😥

Now, while I fully intend to rip up the carpet both the dining room and the living room, I did not intend to do it this weekend. 😯

So I finally got a wee little wet-dry vac. It’s so cute!

I have wanted one of those for years but have never been able to justify the purchase. Boy, now I sure can, can’t I? 😆

So now that the carpet is as cleaned up as can be expected, given its age and general stated of decrepitude, it seems that Jarly’s digestive issues have also resolved themselves.

Thank goodness!

Yay, rice! 😆

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