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A Fall Harvest? November 6, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Food, Garden, Home.

Well. Who’da thunk it? 😉

Here it is, November, and I actually have one more garden-fresh harvest. 😯 No, I didn’t put a late crop of green beans in this year – though I may next year. 😉


I just picked my first EVER saffron threads! How cool is that? 😉

PhotobucketIt was only a couple of weeks ago that we just spotted the first little sprouts peeking out of the ground.

Where does the time go, anyway? 😯

So I’ve never really used saffron much. Peeps bought me some, many years ago, back when we were courtin’. 😉

Here’s the problem with stuff like that. For me, anyway. Saffron is “the world’s most expensive spice.” I could get into the details about how each stigma is hand-picked, and how many it takes to make up a pound, but if you’re really interested, you can Google it just as well as I can. 😀

So anyway. It almost seems like sacrilege to just . . . use it up! 😯 I tend more to “save it.” 🙄 To hoard it, if you will. I still have sour cherries in the freezer from, uh, well, I’m not really sure how long, actually. 😳 Don’t wanna waste ’em, you know. 😉

So anyway. Back to the saffron. The stuff Peeps got came in its own little box and everything. We used a little tiny pinch – once. Sadly, it wasn’t even enough to really taste. 😥 And the rest? Well, I imagine it’s still in the back of the cupboard, turned to flavorless orange powder by now. 🙄

PhotobucketHowever, that was a long time ago. While an attitude of “saving for a rainy day” is certainly wise, and it’s my natural inclination, to be sure, I have tried very hard to balance that with more of a “life is short; eat dessert first” attitude, though I very seldom actually eat dessert, really. 😕 OK, how about simply, “carpe diem”?

Within reason, of course. 😉

I still can’t even begin to justify spending $180 an ounce for the stuff, though. 😯 Yeah, a hundred eighty bucks an ounce. Even though it’s also available by the gram, of which there are about 28 in a single ounce. But that’s not really the point, is it? 🙄

Which all led me, for essentially what it would cost me to buy a gram of saffron that I’m not even sure I know what to do with, to buy a pack of saffron crocus bulbs and plant my own little saffron patch. 😛


I still find that it just tickles me that, while the rest of the agricultural world is dying off for the fall, my little flowers are just waking up from a long summer slumber. And did I mention that, being bulb flowers, they’re perennial? So not only will they be back next year, they’ll start multiplying, too. 🙂

PhotobucketYeah, this may not look like much yet, does it? But just wait. By the end of this, the first season, I should have nearly a gram of saffron, all told.

Surely that will be enough, at the very least, to try a nice pot of saffron risotto. I don’t know that I’m up for, say, bouillabaisse or even paella, but some cheesy rice? Sign me up! 😆 And in future seasons? Just watch out, that’s all!

So as we harvest the stigma, we can carefully dry them, then store them until we’re ready to use them. And the beauty of it all is that, from what I understand, it’s really just a few months before the quality starts to deteriorate, so we’ve gotta use it up. But that’s OK, though because next year there will be more!

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