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Letter to the Rochester Animal Shelter November 12, 2008

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Hi, Folks!

You probably don’t remember us. We visited you a few months ago, last April to be precise; we were sort of “window shopping” for a dog. We weren’t really certain we wanted a new pet, but we were thinking about it, anyway. The house had become quiet. . . too quiet. We did know, though, that if we wanted to bring a new member into the family, we wanted to provide a home for an animal that needed one.

PhotobucketOne Sunday morning, an article appeared in the morning newspaper about the “crisis” that animal shelters were facing with “big black dogs.” No one wanted to adopt them. That was so not right. I grew up with a Newfoundland – a “big black dog” if ever there was one, and I can’t imagine a better family pet than Thunder.

So that afternoon, we made the trip downtown. Just to see what was “out there,” mind you. We knew we had been seriously thinking about a, uh, pre-enjoyed dog, and “now” was as good a time as any to look around.

We saw barking fools of dogs.

We saw jumping idiot dogs.

And there was one dog. He was young, yet he seemed to be “above the fray.” He wasn’t all worked up – he was just calmly lying in his, er, cell. And the overwhelming impression we got was that this was a lonely dog. A dog in need of, not just a home, but a family.

We fell in love. 😀

Busting OutJarlaxle had been a stray – found wandering the mean streets of Rochester, with no tags and no ID. And it took a few days before the hoops were jumped through, but within a week, we were the proud parents of a newly-neutered, adolescent, oversized dog. 🙄

And he has been a wonderful pet!

We’ve had to be aware of what messages we were sending – to communicate consistently, both with him and with each other.

We’ve had no choice but to be patient, that’s for sure! 😆 After all, even though he’s now over a year old, he’s still a baby.

But above all, he’s forced us to play again – to enjoy the simple things that we had either taken for granted or just ignored altogether.


How could we resist this smiling face? We have so enjoyed the summer – taking our pup to the beach, enrolling him in puppy training, frolicking in the fall leaves, early morning walks in the quiet pre-dawn hours, knowing he’s sleeping beside us at night.

But mostly, we wanted to thank you, the Rochester Animal Services, for making the whole adoption process such a positive experience. The staff was so friendly and helpful, working with us to not just save a dog, but to bring a new member into our family.

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