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Winter wonderland November 20, 2008

Posted by Peeps in random stuff, Rochester.

Well, it’s finally here. The calendar may not say that it’s Winter, but the snow on the lawn tells me that I have several months of cleaning off the car to look forward to. Joy.

Now, to be fair, I didn’t know anything about this area. Like most people who live in the Tri-State area, if the name Rochester was mentioned, you vaguely thought it was just inside the Arctic Circle. There might be polar bears. You get the idea.

But when I started courting my wife, I started to get to know the area a bit and I learned that winter here isn’t all that much different that in New Jersey. A little more snow maybe, thanks to the lake. And certainly nowhere near as cold as a Colorado winter.

But it does snow here. Sometimes for a couple days at a time. It’s just one of the things you have to get used to.

Except, for some reason, area residents seem to need to get used to it every single year. Yes, we have had the first day of winter driving this week. Apparently ever. Yet again.

Tuesday morning there was about half an inch of snow on the ground and it was still lightly falling. Same thing on Wednesday. No big deal, right? It snows here, doesn’t it? Try again.

I cannot understand how people who live with snow half the year seem to forget how to drive in it. This isn’t Atlanta or Dallas. Half an inch of snow should not bring this area to a standstill. And yet, every year without fail, it takes a couple of snowfalls to get people used to the idea that snow should change the way they drive.

Generally, they tend to fall into two groups. There are the ones who drive at 30 miles per hour. Regardless of how the road is. It could have stopped snowing an hour ago, and with clear damp roads still be driving like a moron.

The other type is far more dangerous. This is the one who drives at 70, again regardless of conditions. Changing lanes all the while. Sadly, I never get to see these people get their just desserts. I keep hoping, though.

There is yet another menace during the winter here. The lazy person who cannot clean off his car. The ones who can’t be bothered to remove the snow from the roof of the car are a pain. I don’t want your snow in my face. Really. Although, to be fair, they’re probably too short to reach the roof of their SUV or minivan. But I still don’t see why that has to be my problem.

There are also the ones who don’t bother cleaning off any of the car, letting the heater and rear window defroster take care of everything. I truly want to hurt these people. They deserve to be fined. Possibly jailed. Certainly yelled at.

So, for the next few weeks, I’ll be alert. I’ll keep soothing music in the car. And pray that everyone remembers that it does snow here sometime soon.

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