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Thing #81 – Hair Today November 25, 2008

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. . . Gone tomorrow.

Yeah, sorry. I couldn’t resist. 😳

Last week, I got my hair cut. The last time I got my hair cut was about a year and a half ago, maybe 2 years, and at that time, I had just 10 inches taken off and donated to the chemo kids. It was kind of an impulse thing – my hair was nearly to my waist, and 10 inches, once it was all tidied up and stuff, brought it about to my shoulders.

At that time, the coolest part was that my donated hair didn’t smell like smoke. 🙂

It grew back. As it will again. 😛

I’ve been wearing my hair in a French braid almost every day for about the past 25 years – since well before Surly Boy was born. It’s just easy, I guess. I can braid it and forget about it. My braid hung down my back about 2/3 of the way. There have been weeks where I’ve braided my hair Friday morning, gone to work, and not taken the braid out until Sunday evening, when I’ve washed my hair in preparation for another Monday. Really. 😯

Locks of Love can use uncolored hair, at least 10 inches long – so I measured, and from the end of my braid to my shoulder was about 12 inches – we’re good there.


So here’s what happened. It was a kind of cruddy snowy day, and I had to stop in Penfield on my way home from work. There’s a salon in the strip mall, one that accepts walk-ins.

I know, right? But, given my typical hair routine for the past 2 decades – I let it grow until I can’t stand the ends anymore, and then I have the bare minimum trimmed – I really don’t have a current attachment to a hairdresser. I mean, my main criteria has been that they don’t argue with me too much when I tell them I don’t want any more than necessary trimmed off, and no, I don’t want layers or styling or coloring or anything else. Just trim it. 🙄 You know, I’ve even considered (though never followed through) going to a “barber” – it’s apparently a lot cheaper to cut men’s hair than women’s. ❗

So I stopped, and, since it was such a crappy afternoon, the place was empty – they were literally washing the windows. Which meant they not only could, uh, fit me in, they’d have time to be gentle with me. 🙂

One of the available hairdressers graciously agreed to take pictures for me. 😀 I’m a blogger, and I need photos for my website . . . 🙄


So this strange pregnant lady took my hair out of the braid and brushed it out. (Not strange as in she was weird – strange as in I’d never seen her before.)

The organization needs the hair put in a ponytail (or braid) before cutting, so what’s what we did. Then she could hack it off.

One important note, though, is that if I were to have my hair highlighted, or in any way bleached, I wouldn’t be able to donate. Good to know – I had actually been considering it. Mousy brown is so . . . boring. 😦

So where were we? The hairdresser whacked off my ponytail, pretty much at my shoulders.


Yeah, that’s about shoulder-length. 😯

At least it was until we needed to start trimming it. By the time she got my hair straight and nicely styled, well, it was significantly shorter than shoulder-length. And WAY shorter than I’m used to!

My hair hasn’t been this short since grammar school!


But I’ve got to say this – I think I might like it. 😀 It’s weird to have it hanging in my face, yeah. But it’s a softer, more stylish look, for sure.

I’d forgotten my hair has a little natural wave . . . it’s been so weighted down for so long by, well, itself.

Someone even suggested that I looked . . . younger. 😯

Was I looking old before?

The hairdresser said that it was a “good thing” that I was doing by donating my hair. But you know, it’s hair. Mine will grow back. While I’ve spent years keeping my hair long, there are kids out there who are losing their hair from circumstances completely outside their control. And I don’t know, after chemo, or radiation, or whatever else, does hair even grow back?

Can you imagine being a child, or worse, a young teenager, and first learning you have some hideous disease – OK, the “Big C” – then having to go through those horrific treatments, THEN losing your hair on top of it? That would so suck.

Yes, long hair is a vanity. But if nothing else, if my mousy brown locks can help some girl, one who may be losing far more than her hair, feel in any way pretty, or even human, again, well, to me, it’s worth whatever paltry “sacrifice” I may be making. Doesn’t that seem reasonable?



1. Mazco - November 25, 2008

Great post.

It’s great hearing people who donate their hair for kids with cancer.

And thanks giving the info on highlighted hair. My wife has hair down to her waist, but because she had highlights put it over two years ago, they won’t take her hair. She’s a bit heartbroken about it.

Maybe she can dye it dark and then donate it?

2. Toy Lady - November 25, 2008

I don’t know, Maz. . . they say not – there’s some chemical thing with the bleaching process itself or something. Why, I have no idea – believe it or not, I have never had my hair colored, highlighted, bleached – just permed. But that was back in the 80s – back when everyone was doing it! 😯

3. judy - November 29, 2008

Lovely story here and fun pictures! You did a very kind thing that I know will be greatly appreciated by a special lady out there somewhere. You did good.

What did Peeps think of the new do? I bet he liked it. I did with the waves and all. Did you feel a a little “light headed”?


4. Toy Lady - November 30, 2008

Thanks, Jude. But as I said – it’s hair. It grows back. 🙂

To be honest . . . Peeps is still getting used to the new ‘do. For the most part, my hair has been to my waist, or close to it, for as long as he’s known me. 😀

And by the time he gets used to it, I think it’ll be long again. Then I might just whack it off again! 😉

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