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Monday Musings – 12.01.2008 December 1, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

December? How did that happen? The last time I checked, it was barely fall. . . I’ve got shopping to do! 😯



Wow. That prickly pear is certainly an . . . interesting fruit, isn’t it? πŸ˜†

I can’t quite get over the fact that it’s a CACTUS, though. 😯


But as long as you avoid the seeds, it does make a lovely colored fruit smoothie, if nothing else, doesn’t it? πŸ˜›


So we had a nice extra couple of days off – spent Thanksgiving with the parents (mine), then just knocked around the house for the rest of the weekend. πŸ˜€



We noticed something kind of . . . odd about the Obama Presidential Logo.

I mean besides the whole idea of a Presidential Logo in the first place, that is. πŸ™„

Does it remind you at all of any other logo?

PhotobucketI’m not quite sure what that means. If it means anything. But it’s just weird, you’ve gotta admit.

I’m just saying, that’s all. 😳


OK, riddle me this. 😯

PhotobucketWhy do you suppose honey, which, to all intents and purposes, is a liquid, is sold by weight?

I always pour honey. I use a liquid measuring cup to measure it, and I transfer it to PINT jars for storage.

Yet when I buy it, it’s 80 ounces (5 lbs.). Like flour.

Weird, huh? 😯


I have finally had it with the dog’s harrassment of the cellar-dwelling kitty. πŸ˜₯

We’ve removed his dishes from the kitchen, where it was convenient for everyone . . .


. . . to the corner of the dining room, where he doesn’t hear the cat, and she can’t smell him and his food on the rare occasions when she ventures out of her subterranean haven.


For Pete’s sake. πŸ™„


And a fattiness update (it’s been a while, hasn’t it?).

This losing weight stuff? It SUCKS. I seem to be stuck right around the 30-pound-loss mark. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t just gotten out of a 25-pound rut.

It looks like I’m going to have to either eat less or exercise more. Or both. 😯

Sheesh. If I eat any less, I’m going to starve. I’m serious. I will lie right down and starve. To death. 😦

As it is, I’m walking the puppster every morning and afternoon – where do I find the time to do yet more? Ugh.



1. sue - December 1, 2008

Have you had your thyroid looked at?

2. Toy Lady - December 1, 2008

Nah, I think it’s more a matter of my being lazy and sloppy about it. 😳

I’ve always sort of gained and lost – kind of seasonally. Once I hit about 40 (maybe 35), I just sort of gained a few pounds more than I lost, and it added up, and I just didn’t do anything about it, and now, I have a lot of bad habits to break, that’s all. Or good habits to start – I don’t know. πŸ™„

I do know that losing a lot of weight takes time, and there will be . . . setbacks. That, and, in the past few years, since I quit smoking, food just TASTES so GOOD! I hate to trade that for (ugh) lower-fat alternatives. 😦

It’s all about moderation. I suck at that. πŸ˜‰

3. origamifreak - December 1, 2008

In my experience the difficulty of losing weight relates to the proportion of weight being lost. So, for example, if a 150 lb person wants to lose 5 pounds, that’s 3%, and about the same difficulty as 8.3 lb for someone who is 250 lbs, and about the same difficulty as 11.7 lb for someone who is 350 lb.

This also means that as you lose weight the pounds tend to come off more slowly, but at the same general percentage of your overall weight.

You might want to start rewarding yourself at 5% intervals instead of whole-pound increments.

Also, don’t lose sight of the fact that you’ve already lost 30 lb. That is a fantastic achievement!

You GO, Girl!

4. Toy Lady - December 1, 2008

Thanks, OF. Right now, I’m hoping to get through the holidays without too serious a setback.

Perhaps I will think about the percentage intervals, rather than the 5-lb increments. I’ll just have to figure out the math (I know, not that difficult!) and figure out how I want to go about it . . . 5 percent of my original starting weight, or or my remaining weight? Starting now, or starting when I started?

Sometimes, inside my head is a scary place!

5. origamifreak - December 2, 2008

I use 5% increments of my current weight.

A spreadsheet really helps, because then you can just paste the formula in to a cell, and then into the one below that, etc.

I woke up this morning annoyed with my own setbacks and have started logging the points again. Ugh. It’s onerous, but it is unfortunately just about the only thing that really works for me. 😦

6. origamifreak - December 2, 2008

Maybe I should make that clearer. 5% of each current weight. Like this:

Suppose someone is at 250 and wants to lose down to 175.

In the first cell you type the current weight (250).
In the cell below that you type =.95*(and then click the cell above, then hit return).

Then just copy and paste the formula into a bunch of cells below that until you get one that says the target weight:


So basically those are the intervals for losing 5% and then losing another 5% and then another 5% etc.

You can make the intervals whatever % you want. In general if I’m doing everything right I find it takes about a week to lose 2% (give or take water retention, etc.)

7. Toy Lady - December 2, 2008

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought.. By the end of the day (especially the day I had yesterday!), sometimes my mind just sort of takes. . . .detours. Yeah, that’s it. It just wanders off off a bit, that’s all. πŸ˜†

Perhaps we’ll see how the next month or so goes and maybe re-think my methods. . .

If I could quit smoking during the holidays, surely I can lose a few pounds! 😯

8. judy - December 3, 2008

You knew you would hear from me about Stupor Kitty and the Dog. Has there been any sign of Kitty in the kitchen? Yet? Ever?

Inquiring minds would love to know.

The veal soup looked so good I could smell it and I just know you are happy for now with your “cut.” It looks so nice.

Have a good rest of the week unless you already had other plans.


9. Toy Lady - December 3, 2008

Hey, Jude.

The poor kitty. 😦 She does come up into the kitchen, but only when the dog’s not home (when he’s out of the house on a walk). When he’s there, he’s right there shoving his big sloppy nose through the door every time we open it – and she’s having none of that!

So we’re limiting his access to the kitchen – there’s no reason for him to be there now, other than to be up my butt or to harass the kitty – neither of which is a good reason!

We’ve also gone back to working the “leave it” command with him more often (where he never actually gets the “IT” that he’s leaving) – and once he really gets the hang of that, I’m going to see about borrowing one of the neighbor’s cats (which are NOT afraid of dogs!) as a stunt-cat to practice with him. Then we’ll see about rolling out the real kitty. πŸ˜‰

Meanwhile, I’m thinking I should get her a new, cozier kitty bed for “down there.” I had resisted, initially, because I didn’t want her to be any more inclined to make this a permanent situation, but it’s getting a little chilly now, and I’d hate for her to be uncomfortable.

And yes, the veal soup was very good, thanks – and the veal is on sale again this week, besides! 😯

10. judy - December 10, 2008

Thanks for the additional kitty information. I will have to remember to ask again in a few.


11. Toy Lady - December 10, 2008

That dog is certainly determined! He’s getting much better about “leaving it” when he sniffs her through the door. . . as my old band director used to say – “Practice! Practice! Practice!”

And she’s not dashing off back down the stairs when she hears him. . . *keeping my fingers crossed*

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