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Over the River. . . December 4, 2008

Posted by Jarlaxle the Wonder Dog in Big Lug, Family, Home.
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And through the woods. . . and all that stuff.

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Hello. I am Jarlaxle and I am Excellent. 😀

Last week, my people decided that we needed to go for a ride, to someplace called “Thanksgiving.” I don’t know what that’s all about, but boy, as soon as they told me to get in the car, I was All Over That!

Beach? I *heart* the Beach! And so what’s a little of that white fluffy stuff? There’s hardly any left, anyway.

I’m such an excellent boy.

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Mom even put a special blankie on the back seat for me – she said it’s got Care Bears because she Cares about me. Awww. . . 😆

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I think we’re going the wrong way. And I don’t remember its taking this long to get to the Beach, either. 😯

Where is this Thanksgiving place, anyway? We rode for HOURS and HOURS. And who the HECK is this Arlo guy that they insisted upon singing with? 😯

Ho hum.

Hey, lemme out. I gotta pee.

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Not really. I just wanted to see if Papa would stop. rotfl.gifWe stopped all right. At some place they called the “T&A Store.” 😯

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Ho hum. Wake me when we get there, OK? It’s a long way to Thanksgiving, I guess. *sigh*

When we FINALLY got there, guess what! It was Grandma and Grandpa’s house! Grandpa was there (he loves it when I nibble on his belly!), and Grandma was there, and Elizabeth, and a bunch of strangers! And HOW COOL! Another dog! Uncle Snickers let me play in his yard and drink out of his water dish!

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And oh, boy, there was food everywhere, which smelled really good, even though I’m not really allowed to eat people food. chef.gif

Mama and Papa kind of thought Grandma’s “fruited jello” was funny. She said she was going to make something else, but she changed her mind. I guess she does that sort of thing sometimes. Those small people that were milling around really seemed to like it, though.

And do you know what ELSE they have? They have a kitty! And Uncle Snickers doesn’t even care!

Dude! Kitty in the house!

Heh. You should have seen it – this sneaky kitty was trying to slink through the kitchen and slither past the little people, but I saw him! Oh boy, I chased that cat right up those stairs!

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Uh, sorry, kids, about your game. . . but you were IN MY WAY! It was a veritable CAT INFESTATION! 😯

You’ll thank me later. 😀

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Pshew. What a day.

All those cool new smells, and playing with Uncle Snickers, and making the world safe from kitties.

Not to mention those little people and walking all over the strange neighborhood with Mom and Elizabeth and Uncle Snickers.

What a day.

I ended up just zonking out on the back seat all the way home.

And even after we got home, I just took another little nap before heading upstairs for the main snooze. . .

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Thanksgiving was cool. I wonder what this “Christmas” that they’re talking about now is going to be like. 😯

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