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Wait a second December 10, 2008

Posted by Peeps in Information, random stuff.

I was checking out the news when I ran across this article.

Now, I’m confused.  There’s an organization that worries about what time it is?  I know deep in my heart that they probably get paid an obscene amount of money to do this.  And that I’ll never get a job there.

And this is due to an international agreement?  When there is so much bad stuff going on everywhere, this is the only thing people can agree on?

I realize that it may be important for certain scientific disciplines to have a precise grasp of how long something took or when a particular thing started or ended.  But seriously.  Is all this really needed?  Is one second more or less going to effect anyone other than a bunch of scientists?  Probably a very small bunch.

And how do we know it’s only one second?  Is there some sort of oversight here?  Who is watching these people?  Anyone who watches Star Trek can tell you that people who mess with time can be dangerous.

At least the United States Government moniters time in this country.  I’m sure we can trust them.

But I still want to know a couple of things.  How do you add a second?  What are you adding it to?  Is there some way to pause all the clocks?  Am I going to get billed for it somehow?

And since it’s not a regular event, like Leap Year, how do they know when they need to jam another second into our lives?  Is there some sort of esoteric formula they’ve devised?  Or do they just check with their Magic 8-Ball?

I suppose I shouldn’t let things like this worry me.  After all, considering all of the other stuff in the news, an international cabal of people who control time doesn’t really sound too awful.  At least, not yet.

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