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Holiday Cheer December 12, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Family, Home, Rochester.
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Or, in other words, let’s get this shopping crap over with.  😥

I’m taking a “vacation day” from work to go shopping.  At the mall.  I’ll probably actually hit a couple of malls. And maybe even Sam’s Club. In December.

Why? Am I glutton for punishment?  No, it’s not that. Otherwise, I’d do it on the weekend.  Though Friday is bad enough, don’t you think?  🙄

To be fair, I do have the bulk of my shopping done.  Pretty much everyone but the difficult-to-shop-for is done.

Or, put another way – the gifts I want to get “just right” – I have no idea.

Because, let’s face it, after a few years of picking out GREAT gifts for nieces and nephews who can’t even be bothered with a “thank you” – you kind of stop putting forth a lot of effort, don’t you?

Oh, look, those cool magnet things.  Gimme two – one for each nephew over six. At least Surly Boy assures me that they’re still cool. Two crossed off the holiday shopping list.

Little girl crafty kit things.  OK, I’ll take one for each niece.  Done.

Are you feeling the joy-in-giving here?  Yeah, me neither.

Remember, as a kid, looking forward to Christmas morning, not for how much loot you’d get, but for the hope that that special thing – whatever it was – would be there?

Think official Red Ryder BB gun.

The year we bought this house, and Surly Boy was still mostly pre-Surly, there was one thing he wanted, more than anything.  A bike.  His old bike, along with mine, had disappeared from the bike rack at the apartment we were in, and here we were, recently moved into a new neighborhood, and he didn’t have a bike.  😥

Money was tight – we’d just moved, and, as anyone who’s ever been a single mom knows, well, you know.  😳

He understood, though, and he didn’t really expect that one special thing that he really wanted to be under the tree.  And it wasn’t.  He was decent about it.  Stiff upper lip, and all that, I guess.

Then, when he took the wrapping out to put it in the kitchen trash. . . there it was! A brand new BMX bike with a big old bow on the handlebars – exactly what he wanted.  You saw that coming, didn’t you?  He didn’t, though.  😆

I’d managed to save a few dollars over the course of the fall, and, added to my bonus from Mon Capitán, well, it was probably one of the last times I actually saw my little boy that surprised – and thrilled.  Shortly after that, the “surly years” began in earnest.  😥

Now it’s not so simple, is it?  Most of us have pretty much everything we need – and what we want, we usually manage to find a way to obtain.

That just leaves me with my imagination.  Good luck with that, huh?

Somehow, I’m not feeling all that imaginative this year.

What can I think of that will simply tickle my Peeps?

Obviously, I can’t be too specific, because, well, my potential recipient will actually read this.  😯

I will say – there’s probably definitely not enough time to do some of the cool stuff I’ve done in the past.

Like have beer shipped from Australia.

Or a wool sweater from Norway.

At this point – less than two weeks from Christmas – I’ve got nothing.  And somehow, I doubt that wandering around The Mall like a sheep is going to help.  😥

How do you find that one perfect gift that, rather than saying “I show my regard for your by how much stuff I can get from your Amazon wish list,” whispers “even if no one else does, I get you”?

Wish me luck. . .



1. origamifreak - December 13, 2008

This probably won’t help your particular situation, but a few years ago my siblings and I started donating to charity instead of exchanging gifts. Although I was skeptical at first, I really like it – as you say, the last thing most of us need is more crap!

Maybe you can get him something related to the smoker? He seems into that – like a sample of different woods, or something like that? http://www.barbecuewood.com/-strse-BBQ-Smoker-Chips/Categories.bok

And also I’ve always been intrigued with mushroom kits – maybe something like that could be fun? http://www.fieldforest.net/

Good luck!

2. Toy Lady - December 14, 2008

Thanks, OF, for the suggestions – and the luck!

We actually gave my sister a mushroom kit a few years back . . . we thought it was a neat idea, too. 🙂

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