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Monday Musings – 12.15.2008 Edition December 15, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Food, Musings, random stuff.

So here it is, another Monday.  Boy, it sure seems that the more there is to do on the weekends, the shorter they are, doesn’t it?  🙄

Even with an extra day off. . .

PhotobucketWe haven’t really done any cookie baking this year, other than our annual pan of baklava, which isn’t actually a cookie anyway.  More on that later.

PhotobucketBesides, for the most part, I really just hate baking cookies.  No really.  I hate the fussiness of it all.

However, this weekend, I sort of had a taste for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

I wanted it to be a good-sized handful, thick, soft and chewy on the inside, and crispy on the outside.

These cookies, recipe from Cook’s Illustrated, are good.  Not perfect, but good.  We each ate two, and I froze the rest, wrapped in twos, for a later day.  Or a few later days.  😀


So I went out shopping Friday.  yuck.gif While I may not have found quite everything on my Christmas list, I did find one perfect thing.


I don’t think Stupor Kitty has left her cozy new kitty bed for anything other than, erm, necessities, since I got home Friday afternoon.  She’s really much happier with it than she looks.  😀


Peeps called me outside yesterday morning – there was a woodpecker in the neighbor’s tree, uh, pecking wood.  That almost sounds dirty, doesn’t it?  😆


Seriously, though.  By the time I saw it, went in, grabbed the camera, and came back outside, old Woody was across the street, sitting on top of a telephone pole, and probably sticking his tongue out at me.

I can see I’m gonna have to get a camera with a better zoom. . . 🙄


So my mother is doing Christmas brunch again this year.  That actually works out nicely, I think.  We have the farthest to travel, and, being December, we just never know what the weather’s going to bring, so this way, we’re assured of being home before dark.

Meanwhile, my youngest brother has in-laws to divide his holidays with, so after brunch, his kids can spend the evening with their Other Grandparents.

And my mother doesn’t end up spending the day in the kitchen working on a big dinner like Thanksgiving.

Anyway, while I was digging out the cookie recipe, I was reminded of a recipe for lightER cinnamon rolls – Christmas or not, there’s no need to eat crazy, right?


Seriously, these cinnamon rolls do not suck.  Less than half the fat, (4.5 g.) and 100 fewer calories per roll.  . .they might just end up on the brunch buffet. . . . 😉


And we were in  our local Tops International this afternoon, and we happened to notice something new.  Actually, I don’t know if it’s new, exactly, only that I’d never seen it before.

It appeared to be a candy or sweet of some sort – it had funky foreign writing ALL OVER IT.  And it was 29 cents.  Heh.  Let’s check this out.  😀

PhotobucketIt’s called BANANKO.  And it has a picture of a monkey on the wrapper.

Uh, do I smell banana-ishness?

Why, yes.  Yes I do.  😯

So of course, before I’m willing to actually put this in my mouth, I had to come home and Google it.  Bananko is, apparently, a product of Croatia and a “delicious treat” which consists of “a fluffy banana-flavored filling and rich chocolate coating.”


Oh, yummy.  🙄

Sure enough, there is, in fact, a fluffy banana-flavored filling.

Can you imagine a banana-flavored marshmallow?  I  couldn’t either.  I can now.

And a chocolate coating.  Rich. . . well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion.  It was more . . .a crispy chocolate-y coating, I’d say.  But that’s just me.

Overall, I’d say Bananko is uh, well, I think I’ll just say I think I’d rather have sponge candy.  🙂




1. Tom Humes - December 15, 2008

Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

Tom Humes

2. Sue - December 15, 2008

where is the receipe for the calorie reduced cinnamon rolls! don’t tease us like that! 🙂

3. Toy Lady - December 15, 2008

Will do. . . later this week? You’ll just have to make do, though, without photos.

I forgot. 😳

4. judy - December 15, 2008

Oh… be still my beating heart… it IS the Kitty! She looks GREAT and happy with a much warmer butt these days. You did good girl.

My daughter did the same thing for hers but it is a “present” so must wait until the 25 day.

Maybe I will make some cookies tomorrow too, more to warm the house up but sweets can be nice to have around too.

until later..


5. Toy Lady - December 16, 2008

@ Judy – I knew you’d be thrilled with the kitty bed! She is certainly getting HUGE, though – she just fills that bed right up! Fortunately, we recently (a couple of years ago, maybe) had the back door replaced, so there’s not much of a draft there. And from outside, I can peek in the window and say hello to her without being pestered by MR. Barky Face – THE BIG LUG.

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