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Soda Jerk December 17, 2008

Posted by Toy Lady in Fattiness, Politics, random stuff.

Is there such a thing as Battered Voter Syndrome?  Because, as much as I’m against “disorders” and “syndromes” and pretty much any other “disease of the week,” I think I’ve got this one. 🙄

Think about it.  Have you ever believed something a politician said, then voted, and found, well, he (or she) didn’t quite mean exactly what was promised?

Take, say, President Bush.  (I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?)  I liked President Bush.  I sort of still do, truth be told.  He promised us, the conservatives of this country, a true conservative. And let’s face it, after the Clinton Years, that was an attractive proposition.

Now I’ll admit to being, well, a bit of an old school conservative.


I voted to re-elect Reagan in my very first presidential election.  I truly believed in his “shining city upon the hill.”  Still do, actually.  But unfortunately, politics in general have gone downhill since Reagan’s day, haven’t they?  😥

Now there’s “W,” permitting border agents, men who were doing their jobs and defending their country, to rot in prison.  And spending tax dollars like a drunken sailor, besides.  🙄

Are you starting to feel a little used?

Oh, but he authorized a federal welfare check an economic stimulus.  OK.

Kinda like when the abusive husband comes home the Day After with flowers, huh?

Here, go get yourself something nice.


Or what about Governor Dave? Governor of New York.  The first legally blind governor ever?  That’s an accomplishment, isn’t it?  🙄

Seriously, do you know Governor Paterson?  The guy who stepped in and became governor after Governor Happy Pants Elliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace.

Yeah.  He talked a good game.  Gonna cut expenses, tighten the belt in Albany, be an honorable politician.

Is there such a thing?  😯

If there is, Paterson is our guy, right?


Yeah, right.

This weekend, while no one was paying much attention, Governor Dave proposed an additional tax on non-diet soda.  An obesity tax.

So Mister “Man-of-the-People,” Governor “Just-Plain-Folks” is going to raise revenues by taxing SODA?

Not all soda.  Just the soda the government deems is unhealthy.  The non-diet stuff.

We’re from the government, and we know what’s best for you.  If you’re going to drink soda, you should drink artificial, made-in-a-laboratory crap.  Otherwise, you’ll pay an extra 15%.

And if you don’t like it, too freaking bad.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Neither Peeps nor I are soda drinkers – diet or otherwise, though we do like an occasional (maybe once a year or so) root beer float.  With real root beer, of course.  So in reality this proposed tax increase has no effect on us.  Not this one.  Not yet.

If it were just about raising a few extra bucks, Governor Dave would tax soda across the board.  I mean, come on.  How much soda is drunk in a day anyway?  Tack an extra 15 percent on all of it – ka-ching!  And he could get away with it.

He’s Governor Dave.  The knight in shining armor, come to clean up the mess Governor Happy Pants left.

He’s witty and well-spoken and self-deprecating.

People of the State of New York.  We’re in an economic crisis and we’ve got to make some sacrifices.  All of us.

That would fly, I think.

But no.  They have to make it “for your own good” and “we’re the government and we know what’s best for you.”

You know what, Governor Dave?

I’m an adult.  And a reasonably smart one, too.  How DARE you presume to think for me.  And you think you know what’s best for ME?

When will we have had enough?

When will we say “no more?”

No more lying to us.

No more screwing us over.

No more stealing our hard-earned money.

I propose we consider following the lead of my forefathers.  We can all gather up all the non-diet soda we can get our hands on and dump it into the nearest body of water.


After all, we are Americans, aren’t we?

And you’ve gotta love the fact that this hits the news with a vengeance on the anniversary of the original display of rebellion.

Is that a sign or what?

We’ve got to stand up, first to Albany, then to Washington, and say, well, we all know what needs to be said, don’t we?



1. origamifreak - December 17, 2008

For the record, I decided W was bad news as soon as I started hearing about him. I voted AGAINST him, twice. Not that it did any good.

What really stung was the re-election. I just couldn’t fathom how people would want to keep that lazy, spoiled dunce in office, after the four long years he’d already put us though. Actually, what Rumsfeld and Cheney had put us through – with W as the puppet..

Having shoes tossed in his direction is the least he deserves. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would like to do the same (or worse).

I have no comment about the soda thing, except to say that it fits with the alcohol, cigarette, and tobacco taxes we’ve had for years. Fats and oils can’t be far behind!

I can’t wait until there’s an inactivity tax. They can issue all of us pedometers and require us to report our annual steps on our tax returns. 🙂

2. Toy Lady - December 17, 2008

OF – It just hacks me off to have anyone – even Governor Dave – try to tell me what I SHOULD be doing. Even when it’s something I was going to do anyway – it sort of makes me want to do the opposite. 😳

If I want to smoke and drink and be fat and die – that’s my business. Honestly, maybe if the government let Darwin rule, we’d all be better off. . .

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