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All Roads Lead to Roman Blinds January 7, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Food, Home, random stuff.

I love Roman blinds.  I think they’re, I don’t know, elegant looking.  Neat and tidy and tailored.

Several years ago, shortly after we moved into this house, I decided that the mini-blinds and ugly country-blue valances that came with the house absolutely had to go. Never mind that the valances in the foyer match the ugly country-blue carpet in the rest of the house.  That’s going too, eventually.  \

So Peeps and I took some measurements and went shopping.  Our travels brought us downtown to Fabrics & Findings where we found the most gorgeous drapery fabric – sort of an earthy, floral, paisley-ish pattern.


Unfortunately, I didn’t think this through at the time, and the drapes I made are simply plain, straight drapes.  Which is fine if you’ve got a single window, but not so great when you’ve got a ginormous picture window.

Anyway, I decided that I still love the fabric, but I want it to be Roman blinds instead.

Hey, I’m reasonably intelligent, literate, and I own a sewing machine.  There’s no reason I can’t make this happen, right?

However, being “reasonably intelligent” demands that I “not be an idiot.”  I have never made Roman blinds before, and let’s face it, while they may be fairly simple (at least that was what all the articles I found on the Internet said), I don’t know what I’m doing.  So I decided to practice.

In the bathroom.  After all, I’m sure I’m not the first person to practice something in the bathroom.  Nor will I be the last.

And the bathroom window could use some help, anyway.


PhotobucketFor the record, yes, that’s a Harry Potter curtain.

Hedwig, to be specific.

I was feeling whimsical.

Not so much anymore.  Now I’m just sort of irritated with the whole thing.

The first thing I needed to do, though, before I could even consider bringing a new blind into the bathroom, was to paint to woodwork.  All the trim in the house was previously painted white.

I tried stripping the trim in the dining room, hoping to be able to reclaim some gorgeous gumwood or oak or something, but it turns out it’s just crap pine.  And it’s going to have to all be repainted.

PhotobucketI’ve decided to go with a deep forest green – it’s earthy and homey, and I like it.

So I painted, at this point, just the trim on the south wall of the bathroom.

I’ve gotta say, for such a tiny room, there’s an awful lot of wood trim in there!

Meanwhile, while the paint is drying (2 coats!),  I went looking for fabric at Joann’s Fabric.  I found a great remnant, which was really all I needed, along with lining, a Dummies pattern, and all the “bits and pieces” of hardware for Roman blinds.


I won’t go into all the gory details about how to put together the blind; just suffice it to say that I did get it done in an afternoon, and there were dowels involved.


But still.  It did what Roman blinds are supposed to do, and that’s go up and down (how cool is that?) and it’s neat and tidy and tailored looking.


And, of course, it wouldn’t be a family project without the assistance of our faithful companion, would it?


I think it made him a little nervous to have both of us working in a room that he’s discouraged from entering.  I just hate the idea of his drinking out of the toilet.    But we let him watch.  The hanging of the blind, that is.

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