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New year, same stuff January 9, 2009

Posted by Peeps in random stuff.

Have you managed to completely ignore your New Years resolutions yet?  No?  That’s okay, another week or so should take care of it.

Every year, most people make promises to themselves to do better, be better, feel better, blah, blah, blah for the upcoming year.  In most cases, these promises don’t last very long.  I’m not being critical, things happen.  And when they’re over, people tend to fall back into old habits.

Years ago, I promised myself that I wouldn’t make any more resolutions.  And I’ve stuck with it.  I’m kind of proud of that.  But then, I’m a little odd at times.

What I do try to do, if I remember and if I have the energy, is to come up with a few things that I list in the back of my mind that I would like to do during the year.  I try to not make the list too long, because I’m lazy.  I also don’t worry about completing the list.  I’d much rather do something interesting on the spur of the moment than chain myself to a vague, unformed plan that might take more effort than I’m willing to expend.

This year, while I am not busy trying to be healthier, I’ve had a few thoughts pop into my head that may be worth considering.

Once Spring comes, I intend to devote much more time to using the smoker.  Good barbeque is a wonderful thing, and most of it freezes beautifully.  Having the freezer full of brisket and pulled pork and smoked chicken will be a great thing come next winter.

Something I only found out about the other day is that Hollywood is making yet another movie from a 70s TV series.  Because they just haven’t learned their lesson yet, I suppose.  I have promised myself that I will not see this movie.  Ever.  Not even for free.  There isn’t enough booze in the world.

I have a couple ideas about other cooking projects that aren’t fully formed yet.  There are a few interesting places that I would like to take Toys to dinner in the area that might get paid a visit sometime in the coming months.

I certainly plan to do something really nice for the Harley Family next door.  After all, how can I not when they plow the driveway we share with them?  That’s worth some serious effort on my part.

Probably the most important thing on my list is the most difficult thing for me to plan.  I want to do something magnificent for Toys.  She is a wonderful woman and she puts up with me.  I know that I’m not the easiest person to deal with, much less live with.  If I can manage to come up with something that will make her face light up with a smile, I’ll know that this year isn’t a total loss.  Hollywood notwithstanding.



1. judy - January 10, 2009

That is such a nice post peeps. Good thinking all around for a great year for everyone. Of course I want you to include THE CAT in your plan for a good year but I will trust.

You WILL find the perfect thing to do for Toys. Because you love her and you have put that out there it will appear to you, maybe in a dream. Just be ready to receive it.

Smoker ideas sound yummy too.


Peeps - January 13, 2009

The smoker is something I can’t wait to get back to. Only the season isn’t cooperating.
I will plan on doing something nice for the kitty. She needs something nice to happen to her in her self-imposed exile. But removing the dog isn’t an option. He’s too much fun, most of the time.
Toys, well, that’s going to require some creativity. But I’m relatively confident. I just need to make sure of the timing, more than anything.

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