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Monday Musings – 01.12.2009 Edition January 12, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

While Peeps was all worried last week about the upcoming Land of the Lost film, he totally missed a far bigger threat to, well, sanity.  ❗

Seriously?  The Smurf movie?  😯



How very nice it was to enjoy a leisurely healthy and hearty breakfast .  😀

That would be Irish oatmeal (with dried cranberries!), 12-grain sourdough English muffins, and a freshly-brewed El Savador coffee that we discovered at the Market.



We certainly needed the extra energy after breakfast!  We woke up to about 6 inches of fresh snow that needed to be shoveled  – plus, of course, that extra dividend the plows always leave us at the foot of the driveway.  😕

It’s a good thing we had help out there, huh?  😆


Finally got another batch of chicken poultry stock made this weekend!  We used a couple of non-smoked turkeys and, as I recall, maybe a few chicken parts.  🙄


However, a 6-quart square container takes up an awful lot of room in the fridge, doesn’t it?  Boy, it’s a lucky thing we’ve got some snow out on the deck to help keep it frosty until we can skim the fat off and pressure can it!  😉


Miss Garbo Stupor Kitty tolerates my regular visits to the dungeon.


She does love her kitty throne bed, though, doesn’t she?



The other evening (Friday), Peeps called me outside to see the moon.  It was just shortly after 6, and the moon was HUGE!

Apparently, Saturday was the biggest full moon of the year.  We were fortunate to catch the Friday moon, because the Saturday and Sunday moons were buried behind snow clouds!  🙄


We were watching Law & Order the other evening, and it looks like our Mad Apostropher has struck again.


I think this calls for the doink-doink.  😯


Oh, hey, this is funny.  😆

WordPress has a feature that will allow me to see what search terms actually caused people to click on this blog.

I know, isn’t technology amazing?  😯

So, here’s the the thing.  If you’re looking for “cockapoo haircut definitions,” um, you probably want to keep looking.  Though you are more than welcome to stick around.  😉

Unless maybe this is what you’re looking for?


Actual result when I did a Google Image search for “cockapoo haircut definitions.”




1. judy - January 12, 2009

I can tell Stupor Kitty is waiting for a scratch on her head (from me?) soon. She does seem to love her bed.

I can tell The Dog was a big help with the shoveling. My son tells me his dog is just as helpful along with changing the location of the snow removal rug in front of the door several times during the shoveling process.

It just jumped into my head, Oh a question I mean, what is your impression of Top Chef?

I just discovered the show and have enjoyed it especially with the two chefs from Boulder where my son lives and I was born. I guess we are down to one Boulder chef now.

You didn’t have to rub it in how good the croissants were. jeeeez.

Have a good week.


2. Toy Lady - January 13, 2009

Oh, yes, Judy, kitty does love to be petted and scritched. . . more now than she used to when she lived in the Sunlit Lands, I think. 😕

We just started watching Top Chef about halfway through last season and have been enjoying it – neither of us has really been a big fan of the “reality” kind of shows, though this one is at least reasonable. . .

And about the croissants – you know, they are EVIL. Full of butter and fat and just evil. But I knew that. It think the new rule needs to be that I’m not eating croissants unless I go to All That Work to make them first. Then at least they’ll have slightly paid for themselves in terms of calories. . . 🙄

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