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On Cast Iron Bras January 16, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Food, mirth & woe, random stuff, Rochester.

Is this what I’m reduced to?  Already? Talking about the weather?  😳

It is cold.  COLD.

We turned on R News the other day and caught the forecast, which called for “bone fide Arctic air.”  😯

Seriously?  Bone fide Arctic air?  That’s some hard core stuff.  Not that faux Arctic air we usually get, probably made in China.  🙄

The good folks over at Thursday Night Smackdown are also enjoying some unpleasantly cold weather, though I’m tempted to point out that if it were 19 degrees here, I’d practically be in shorts.  😉


But I won’t do that.  Mostly because TNS takes place in Jersey, and she’s liable to come up here and kick my ass.  😆

You know how, when you go to the beach, you can see the impression that the water leaves on the sand?  That ripples from the constant washing of the waves over the damp sand?


Did you know that the wind does the same thing to the snow.  I like the summertime version better.  🙄

Did I mention there’s a bit of a wind?  And it’s cold.

And quiet.  Too quiet.  When the dog and I go out for our morning constitutional, we can hear everything.  Every Thing.  Cars driving on the highway a few blocks north.  Passing train on the other side of town.  A screen door open flapping in the wind.  Night stalker guy walking around the corner and down the street.

And the crunching of every step.  Not a crunch, exactly.  More like a “squeep.”  They’re not even really snowflakes – they’re more like individually frozen crystals, as fine as powdered sugar.

Dude.  It is technically Too Cold To Snow.  However, that doesn’t really matter.  I think that all the moisture in the air simply freezes and falls to the ground, because each morning, in single-degree temperatures, there’s still accumulation.

And my lamp post wears a hat.  🙄


So, you’re wondering, what’s the deal with cast iron bras, right?  😕

Well, a long time ago, when I was in my teens, I met the very first “grownup” I ever knew who actually used sweary words, and I liked one of her phrases.

It is colder than a witch’s tit in a cast iron bra.

Now THAT is cold.  😯

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