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Magic Grass January 22, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.


Psst.  Dude.  I’ve got this stuff, right?  And it’s like grass, ya’ know?  And, hey, man, it’s soooo cool. . .8)

It’s like, I dunno, man, it’s like magic grass, man.

Uh, yeah.  So I’ve finally gotten that out of my system, anyway.  😉


So here I am.  Office Christmas gift exchange, and we’re, well, exchanging gifts, and besides the annual Mall Gift Card and Boss’s Wife’s gifts, our secretary had found a bamboo blanket for me.

A bamboo blanket.

How cool is that?  😯

Pretty darn cool, that’s how cool.  😀


If you’re anything like me (and really, who isn’t?), you’ve grown up with “bamboo” as a couple of very specific things.

First, obviously, it’s what they used to shove under people’s fingernails to get them to talk.

That, and it’s the dietary staple of that goofy-looking fuzzball, the Giant Panda.

PhotobucketOh, but as it turns out, bamboo is so much more, isn’t it?  First, there’s the fact that this stuff gets fricking huge, and by huge, I mean its daily growth is measurable, and it gets to be, I don’t know, a couple of miles high.  Dude, this stuff grows like 47 inches in one day!  No wonder they used it for torture.  😯

And the thing is, for something that’s, I don’t know, hundreds of feet tall, what really floors me is that it’s not even a tree.  Nope.  It’s grass.

Grass.  😯

Did you see the Mythbusters episode where they made the magic grass grow through the fake guy?

Dude.  That was so . . . gruesome.  Yet kind of fascinating.  😯

In addition to being considered harder than wood, bamboo is known to have antibacterial properties, which are good properties to have if, say, you’re a cutting board.  😆


But it’s GRASS.  Harder than maple?  😯

So here we have this hard, antibacterial, HARD grass product.  It feeds cranky panda bears, you can shove it under someone’s fingernails to piss him off (or just plant it underneath them to just totally wreck their week), you can use it as flooring, even if you have doggie toenails skidding across it, and you can cut your chicken on it if you’re so inclined.

And I’ve gotta tell you, it makes the warmest, softest, coziest blanket I think I’ve ever used.  Now I know there’s a little more to making a bamboo fabric than just cutting down the grass and weaving it into a blankie, but still.


It’s a soft, cozy blanket.  Made from grass.  It’s grass – sustainable renewable it grows back!

Dude.  It’s like . . . magic grass. . . 😉



1. origamifreak - January 27, 2009

Ooh. I’d read about those bamboo fabrics, and been curious. Is there any other fiber mixed in with it? There must be…

He snapped the central guideline for the floor this weekend, so soon I hope I will be able to post pictures of how that strand-woven stuff looks going down as flooring! 🙂

(There are delays due to the inevitable finding of problems in the process of uncovering stuff. For example, the stairs are built wrong, and in one part of the living room the floor joists actually go the OTHER way.)

Toy Lady - January 27, 2009

The bamboo fabrics are fairly new to me, too, but from what I’ve been able to find out, yeah, usually it’s a blend – most often a bamboo-cotton blend. It’s soft, almost (OK, exactly) like rayon – I’ve seen the term “rayon” a lot associated with these fabrics.

I am definitely going to invest in bamboo towels when the bathroom gets redecorated. 😀

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