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Monday Musings – 01.26.2009 Edition January 26, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings.

Monday again.  And it’s still cold.  🙄

I know, I know, what do you expect in the middle of January in Rochester, right?  And no, I’m not surprised by the cold.  Merely growing tired of it.  😥

And to add insult to frostbite, I find that one technically burns fewer calories walking in the cold than in the heat.  😯

Then it occurred to me.  I may burn fewer calories all things being equal – but they’re really not, are they?  Equal, that is.  😆

Nosirree.  First I’ve got to don the 40-pound coat, along with the wool socks, hat, scarf, gloves and 50-pound boots, all to stave off frostbite.  That’s got to be an extra, what? 90, 95 pounds I’m carrying around?  And on top of all that, we’re hiking practically in double-time just to get our butts back into the house where it’s warm again.  I don’t do any of that on a lovely summer morning.

Yeah, I guess it all sort of evens out, doesn’t it?  And boy howdy, come this next summer, we’ll be just full of stamina and energy, won’t we?



The Big Lug has developed a disturbing habit.  Whenever a “stranger” comes into the house, he nips at them.  Not serious bites, mind you, just little nips.  Kind of to warn them of what he’s capable, I guess.  I dunno, I think it’s a guy thing.  🙄

Anyway, while, on the face of it, it doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s a bad thing to have a big scary dog bite strangers who are in the house, it really is not good.  Especially when those strangers are, say, your family, and they’re here for the better part of the day.  Or Surly Boy, and he’s moved back in for the time being.   🙄

Fortunately, the baby’s a quick learner, because a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.  😥



Does it look like she’s gloating to you?  rotfl.gif


Peeps and I were in the produce department of the supermarket this morning, when we couldn’t help noticing the “Select Whites.” 😯


Um, all I can say is, “that shit ain’t right.”  Excuse my potty mouth and all, but I thought we were past that sort of thing.  😆



We had to make dog biscuits again this weekend – running low.  We decided to make a couple of big, Jarly-sized cookies for him this time.  😀

Then it occurred to me that those little doggie-biscuit shaped biscuits are really really a pain in the neck.  And the dog probably doesn’t care all that much anyway.

So I dragged out the biscuit cutters and used the smallest size.  I can’t believe how much quicker it went!  The baby won’t mind, I’m sure.  😉


Don’t worry too much about the muzzle thing.  Jarly is a quick study – it took about 10 minutes muzzled for him to settle down, and that was it.  If he even thinks about getting jerky with Surly Boy, I show him the muzzle and he simmers right down.


Now it seems that my boys are the best of pals.  Just as long as Surly Boy doesn’t want to actually get up, that is.  🙄


OK, I guess it’s been a dull week around here, huh?  The most interesting search term that brought a reader here was:

recipe wegman marco polo bread

All I can say to that is “I wish.”


Wegman’s Marco Polo bread has got to be one of the best rustic-style breads I  have ever had.  The outside is crispy and crusty, while the inside is soft and tender – I wouldn’t know how to even begin to duplicate it.

If you ever do find it, though, dear stranger, please (PLEASE!) share!

But I suspect that that recipe is probably pretty closely guarded at the old “W” headquarters. . . kind of in a “if we tell you we’re gonna have to kill you” sort of way, if you know what I mean.  😉




1. judy - January 27, 2009

It doesn’t sound like dull week to me. Moving ins of people, muzzles on the dog, a gloating cat and pot pie. What more do you want in the way of action?

Is Stupor KItty in the basement on a chair or has she COME UPSTAIRS?

I will stay turned for further details.

get warm.


2. Toy Lady - January 28, 2009

Good morning, Judy! As for action. . . well heck, I don’t know. I have to be careful what I do say, though, because after all, this is, at worst (best?), a PG-rated blog. . . 😳

And the Kitty. . . 🙄

She’s taken to sneaking into the kitchen to “visit” with Peeps in the mornings while I’m out walking the dog and it’s safe. And she evidently has also done this for Surly Boy, too. It’s just me she has a grudge against, I guess. 😥

The last time I tried to bring her into the house, she just stood, hunched up in the middle of the floor, growling until I took her back to the basement. I need to be more patient, I guess.

How is stuff going for you? Keeping warm enough?

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