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Monday Musings – 02.02.2009 Edition February 2, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

It’s time to change our calenders AGAIN.  How did February happen so soon, anyway?  😯



My tights that I ordered a while back from Silkies showed up the other day.  I’ve been ordering socks and pantyhose from them for several years now and have been very satisfied.  Anyway, I decided to order some tights.

This is gonna be great.  I can wear a long-ish skirt and boots, along with my new tights, and my legs won’t get too cold.  AND I can put off shaving.  Life is just good sometimes, isn’t it?  😀


You know what happens to your face when you turn 40?   Besides gravity, I mean.  🙄

It dries out.  And walking the Big Lug in the cold and the wind doesn’t help much, either.  Time to think about some kind of moisturizer, I guess.  🙄


So I’m reading the label on this stuff one day (I do that – I read everything, especially when I’m in the bathroom, uh, just sitting there.  If I were pressed, I could probably tell you the ingredients in toothpaste.)  Anyway, I was curious as to what’s in this stuff – it moisturizes, yet it’s not greasy.  😯

Anyway, I was right.  There’s not a bit of oil in this stuff.  There are a few ingredients which end in “-ate” and that’s about it.  Boy, this stuff sure isn’t 99 and 44/100% pure, is it?  😯

On the bright side, it’s also hypoallergenic, which is good, and dermatologist tested, which is also good.  And it’s non-comedogenic.  😯

It’s not funny?  😆


Aww. . . look who Surly boy caught visiting the land of the living while we were out with the dog again.


I’m starting to wonder if it’s the dog or if it’s me she’s avoiding. . . 🙄



My brother is a mechanic.  As is my other brother, as well as my father.

So I stopped by Brother #1’s shop the other day, and I couldn’t help noticing that they have installed a new vending machine.  OK, neat.  So I note that the very first item in this new vending machine is a packet of microwave popcorn.

Now granted, it’s only 75¢, which is probably a great deal for a vending machine, right?  Especially if you’re sitting around waiting for your tires to be balanced or for a new exhaust system.

Unless, of course, there’s no microwave in which to pop your popcorn.  😯


And this week’s Search Term of the Week is vegetable croquettes.

Really?  🙄

How many pages of Google do you have to go through searching for that before you actually landed here?

And did you ever find what you were looking for?  😕




1. ihmmb - February 3, 2009

How were the Silkies tights? I love tights.

Ha! On the popcorn!

2. Toy Lady - February 3, 2009

Hi, ihmmb! On the tights – I’m wearing them right now and I actually like them a lot! I haven’t actually worn tights since, well, grade school. Remember those thick, cable-knit things? That was kind of what I was expecting. Do they even still make them?

And yeah. I asked the manager about that, too. He said he could pop it for me in the “break room” if I wanted. I shudder to think. . . 🙄

3. judy - February 3, 2009

Catching up again and am having an ‘AWE’ moment at the picture of my “girl.” I think I am liking Surly Boy and she must like him too.

As to your question… the dog or you…..I am not going there. 🙂

The chicken looks awesome and since chicken is on my “menu” this week I may have to try this. Sounds yummy.

Have a good week.

4. Toy Lady - February 3, 2009

Hi, Judy! Yeah, ole’ Surly Boy has been very kind to the kitty. She likes having him home. 🙂

If you try the chicken, do let me know how you like it. We were very pleasantly surprised with it. 🙂

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