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Screw the Recall February 3, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Food.

I’m gonna live dangerously.   I love my peanut butter.  And fortunately, I love peanut butter so much that we buy it at Sam’s Club.  In the HUGE jars.  What the heck – it keeps, right?  😉

Anyway, all of the peanut butter in the house is at least a couple of years old – maybe older.  So I think I’m safe.  Reading the nutritional information on a jar of Jif is a bad idea if you’re trying to lose weight – much as I love the stuff, I just can’t justify smearing it on everything anymore.  You really can’t go back, can you?  😯

So the chance of our having anything contaminated by anything other than dog slobber is, well, slim-to-none.  😆

Mark Bittman posted a recipe for 15-Minute Fried Herbed Chicken a couple of weeks back that, well, it intrigued me.  It interested me so much that we decided to try it.


We start with 4 hunks of boneless, skinless chicken breast.  Actually, the last time we bought chicken breasts, they were huge, mutant chicken breast halves that we cut in half and froze, so this is actually 4 quarter-breasts. 😯

This is fine.  There are 3 of us now, so a fourth hunk of chicken means leftovers!  😆


Meanwhile, in the old Cuisinart, we processed an onion, some barely-dried sage, and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Safe peanut butter, of course.  😀

Drizzle up to 1/4 cup of olive oil through the feeding tube – we actually only added a Tablespoon or two – until the mixture is a smooth paste.


We just dumped the puree in the bowl with the chicken and mixed it all up.  Yum yum.  😉



Then, basically, you’ll scrape the paste off and dredge the chicken in flour.  And smear it with the peanut butter paste again and dredge it again.  Building flavor, baby!  😆

Then, of course, we let the doubly dredged and floured chicken rest a bit on a wire rack.

I learned that little trick from Alton Brown.  😳


Meanwhile, we’re going to heat some oil in a skillet.  😯


Olive oil, that is – 1/4 inch worth.  Not the good stuff, of course – just your basic olive oil.

Just like, uh, regular oil, you’ll get the olive oil good and hot, then place the chicken breasts in the skillet and fry until well-browned.

I’ve never actually fried in olive oil before, but I’ve heard that it’s, well, that it’s really really good.

It is.  😀


Ultimately, we fried the boneless  chicken breasts for about 4 minutes on each side, and it was nicely browned and crisp, cooked through, but not overdone.  What more can you ask for, anyway?

Especially when you recall that we used peanut butter in the batter, along with some onion and almost-fresh sage.


And we it served with some oven-roasted buttercup squash and pan-roasted red potatoes.

Yeah, it didn’t suck.  😆

The chicken was perfectly done – moist and tender on the inside and crisp on the outside.  It didn’t taste at all like peanut butter – just that hint of richness that the nuts lend, along with the herby notes from the sage and the, well, the general tastiness of olive oil.

Oh, yum.  I just wish there were leftovers.

Oh, wait.  There were.  😆

Since Surly Boy has come home, we’re generally cooking 4 servings rather than 2 – which means one extra.  Yay.  😉


So. . . one extra chicken breast piece.  Surly Boy sliced it thin, and we each made a wrap for our respective lunches – a handful of lettuce, half a hunk of sliced fried chicken, and, at least in my case, a dash of honey-dijon dressing, wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Mmm.  Leftovers at their finest.



1. Mazco - February 3, 2009

>And get yourself a nice wire rack. – MST3K

2. Toy Lady - February 3, 2009

Uh. . . sorry? I think you’re getting a little esoteric for me, Maz.

And I even asked Peeps. . .

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