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I’ve got nothin’ February 11, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Front of the Fridge, random stuff.

Yikes.  It’s barely the middle of the week, and I’ve run out of interesting, witty things.  I don’t have any decent foody pictures or any recent recipes to share.  😥

I’ve got nothing.  😯

That’s not to say nothing’s going on, or that I’m not thinking anything.  Just that, well, I’ve got nothing.

However, far be it from me to just leave my loyal readers hanging.  Oh, no.  I’ll come up with something. . . 😉

Remember Woot?  Do you know that Woot has a blog?  Yeah, well, every Wednesday, the Woot blog shares its take on world news – “Woot Weads the Wire.”

I can do that. . . 😉

Besides, with the state of the current world, laughter is definitely the best medicine.  If we don’t find something to laugh at, we may all just end up jumping off bridges, you know?  😯

So I bring you a brand new, occasional (and by “occasional” I mean “when I’ve got nothing better”) Fridge feature, Front of the Fridge. (Like that?  I just made it up. . .please, if you can think of a better name, leave a message! )

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and hard-line rival Benjamin Netanyahu both claimed victory in Israel’s parliamentary election Tuesday, which early returns suggested was too close to call. With 67 percent of the votes counted, Livni’s centrist Kadima Party had 29 seats in the 120-seat parliament while Netanyahu’s hawkish Likud Party was right behind with 28, Israel’s Channel 1 television said.

The final 33% of the vote and 63 seats will ultimately be awarded to the candidate running on the Pronouncability Platform.

Colonel Sanders’s handwritten recipe for fried chicken was back in its Kentucky home Tuesday after five months in hiding while KFC upgraded security around its top corporate secret.

The colonel would like to thank the Federal Chicken Protection Program for its continuing service to its country.

A national medical society is investigating whether a fertility doctor followed its guidelines when he implanted six embryos into a Southern California woman who gave birth to octuplets last month.

Medical professionals generally frown upon giving birth to more than a dozen babies in one calendar year.

An unmanned Russian cargo ship is carrying supplies and a space suit to the international space station and its three-member crew.

The Russian economy is obviously healthy enough that they can afford to send their dry cleaning out.

A storeroom housing about two dozen ancient Egyptian mummies has been unearthed inside a 2,600-year-old tomb during the latest round of excavations at the vast necropolis of Saqqara south of Cairo, archaeologists said Monday.

Get ready for Mummies on Unemployment starring Brendan Frasier Coming Soon! to a theatre near you!

Scientists say they may have found out why the great British chip smells so irresistible: a complex blend of scents that includes butterscotch, cocoa, cheese and flowers.

Most people just fry in peanut oil.

Taiwan former first lady Wu Shu-jen pleaded guilty Tuesday in connection with a massive graft case embroiling her family after she showed up in court after 17 non-appearances in two years.

A former first lady involved in questionable activities?  I am shocked!  So when is she running for the Senate?

Naked mountain hikers in the Swiss canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden will in future face on the spot fines of 200 Swiss francs ($170), Swiss daily Tages-Anzeiger reported over the weekend.

And we don’t want to know where they carry their francs while they’re hiking naked.  No, really, please don’t tell us.

So. . . what’s going on in your part of the world?

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