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Monday Musings – 02.16.2009 Edition February 16, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

Well, another Valentine’s Day survived!  Surly Boy invited a friend to have dinner with the family, which was, I thought, quite nice of him.

Ya know, I’m not such a big fan of that holiday.  I mean, it’s nice to have a special day to show your affection and all, but if it’s only because the calendar says to. . . well, save your flowers and your candy and your jewelry for sometime when it’s, you know, your idea.  You know?  🙄


Speaking of Valentine’s Day.


I am so ashamed.  😳

When Peeps and I did our weekly grocery shopping, we noticed a bit of a crowd around the bulk-food section.  Always looking for where the action is, we toddled over, and what did we see?  ❓

All the holiday candy on sale.  Not just any old sale, either.  Oh no.  All the chocolate – including Reese’s – my favorite! – was 95¢ a pound.

The good news is that I didn’t rip in to the peanut butter hearts.  And Peeps has taken care of, uh, finding a home for all of it.  😳



Awww. . . kitty in a box.

Yes, Stupor Kitty is still living in the basement.  And she’s still pissed.  And we still visit her regularly.  🙄

This is one stubborn cat, though she may be softening up a little.

At least she still fits in the box, anyway.  🙄


This past weekend was market weekend.  I love market weekend – you just never know what you’re going to end up with!  😆


So this week, there was a dairy farm guy from Seneca County selling, well, dairy products, including whole Jersey milk with measurable cream on top.

Peeps had never had fresh whole milk before.  How sad is that?  😥

I, on the other hand, was an agriculture major in high school, and not only that, for several years, I had the twice-daily pleasure of milking our actual Jersey cow. . . I insisted that he at least try it. 😀



So the Big Lug has had a busy evening.  While he’s definitely a very good puppy, he can get a little unruly.  And, of course, the whole Return of Surly Boy has been challenging for him, too – there’s yet another person he has to obey.  🙄

I’ve been encouraging the Boy to work with the Dog – play with him, run through his commands with him, give him treats – teach him to respect you.

This evening, I think they were switching off between “laser tag” and “fetch double tennis balls” – both favorite (and exhausting!) games for the puppster.  😆




We came home from walking the dog Friday and found that one of our neighbors had had some sort of an “incident” which necessitated several fire trucks being parked along our street and around the corner.

Right about the time school lets out. . . Fortunately, the bus was able to squeeze between the firetruck on one side of the street and the Buick that was parked on the other side.




1. judy - February 16, 2009

Good Monday!

Loved the Musings today staring (in my opinion) Kitty! She is looking ok and yes, she does still fit in the box. Pats to her and happy week wishes for the rest of you.


2. Mazco - February 16, 2009

>>I had the twice-daily pleasure of milking our actual Jersey cow. . . I insisted that he at least try it.<<

Don’t forget that Peeps is from Essex County, New Jersey. I really think he has no desire to milk a cow.

And despite being a milk lover, I have a feeling that if he wants to touch a cow, he’ll make sure it’s in some form he can cook. 😉

3. Toy Lady - February 16, 2009

Oh, no, not to MILK a cow! Perish the thought!

Sheesh, Maz. We’re really not as rural as all that here in Rochester. 🙄


Seriously, it was already in the jug – not self serve. 😆

4. Toy Lady - February 16, 2009

And Judy – thanks! Kitty says “hi” to you too. 😀

5. Mazco - February 16, 2009

Sorry for the misunderstanding. But then again, you did get married in a cow pasture, didn’t you?


Toy Lady - February 17, 2009

Horses. They were horses. 🙄

Not that there’s anything wrong with cows.

Usually. http://www.3dweb.no/galleri/stuestolbm/bilder/anim1.swf

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