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We Just Can’t Have Nice Stuff February 20, 2009

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The other day, Peeps and I stopped into a local pet store.  While there, we found a nifty new toy for the puppster.  🙂


We’re such good pet parents, aren’t we?  We do want to find the perfect toy for our puppy, and we were thrilled to find the Awful Mad Kitty.  To be honest, I’m not I’m not really sure if they mean AwfulLY Mad Kitty or if it’s supposed to be Awful COMMA Mad Kitty, but I guess, since it’s a DOG TOY I shouldn’t be so picky, huh?

The fact is that we have our own Awful Mad Kitty, and what better way to pay homage to her than to get the puppster his own Awful Mad Kitty toy?

Maybe I could have thought this through a little better.  ❓


Still.  You’ve gotta admit, the idea of a stuffed MAD KITTY as a puppy chewy toy is just funny, isn’t it?  And it’s got a squeaky tummy!  😆

And this one even has mousy shorts that say “Awful Mad Kitty” – it’s just freakin’ funny.  😉

Add that to the fact that it claims to be a “durable, but incredibly appealing dog toy” -and it claims to have been tested “on many different types of dogs” – well, along with other positive reviews I’d read online, I knew we had a winner.  😆


So it wasn’t cheap.  We’d already come to the conclusion that especially for a <ahem> “power chewer” <ahem> like we seem to have have on our hands, well, you get what you pay for.  😯

And he sure did love it.

He chased it and he gnawed on it, and he just all around loved it.


Jarly played with his new toy.


And he chewed on it.


And he enjoyed the heck out of it.  For almost one whole day.  😯



Sadly, in less than a day, he’d found Awful Mad Kitty’s weak spot – his ear.    As he’s been known to do, he found the chink in the armor, and he used his sharp, pointy teeth to work his way in and to rip into the toy’s weak spot.  😥


Time for kitty surgery.  We confiscated the toy and put it under the needle – the sewing machine needle, that is.


And I sewed up the toy’s ear.  I’m really not terribly happy about this.  But he literally stood next to the table trying to grab the toy off the sewing machine – did I mention that he really REALLY loved it?  😯

Yeah, he did.  He loved it so much that he ripped the ear open.  Again.  🙄


We just can’t have nice stuff, can we?  😥


1. judy - February 22, 2009

Hi kids.. all caught up with you guys again. I think for myself breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. Yours sounded great.

My sis is coming for the weekend next and we will be scoping out the Pueblo Indians museum and art shop that we have heard about. The bonus (from the on line poop) is that there is a cafe there that serves breakfast and lunch. We will be trying some “native” food which can be HOT since Albuquerque is chili growing country. I hope it is as good as it sounds.


2. Toy Lady - February 22, 2009

Jude, it’s good to “see” you!

It sounds like you and your sister are going to have a great time – the Indian museum and art shop sound like such fun! And of course you’ve got to try the native food – that’s the best part! 😉

Just watch out for some of those peppers – but I’m sure you know that, right? 😆

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