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Monday Musings – 02.23.2009 Edition February 23, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

How is it that February, which is supposed to be the shortest month of the year, always seems to be the Longest Month Ever?  😯

And it’s still not over yet.  🙄


So have you heard about the bit of the Magic Stimulus Plan that is supposed to lower our payroll taxes by, uh $13 a week?  Do you feel stimulated yet?  😯

Does anyone know, yet, exactly where that Almost-A-Billion Dollars is going?  Does anyone even care?

And really, I don’t want to hear another word about “keeping the victims of predatory lending” in their homes.  I don’t remember, as a single mom, anyone chasing me down and forcing money on me so I could live in a house I couldn’t afford.  Now I kind of wish they had.  I’m just sayin.’  


PhotobucketI decided to give the Awful Mad Kitty one more shot – he went under the needle, again, and this time I zig-zagged the daylights out of his ear.  And again, I had Excitement Boy trying to pull it off the sewing machine before the stuffing was completely contained.  🙄


We’ll see how it works out this time – but so far so good.  😀


And, of course, speaking of Mad Kitties.  🙄


She seems to not be speaking to me again.  And she really, really hates having her photo taken.



We finally broke down and picked up a second Dutch oven.   Sam’s Club is still stocking them for a great price (under $40) – they’re made by Tramontina, and the one we already had is wonderful.

And while, usually, one enameled cast iron Dutch oven should be more than enough for one household, since we do the bulk of our cooking on the weekends, it kind of sucks to have to choose which to do first,  🙄


Menu Plan Monday

I like to be organized.  I like knowing what I’m doing and when.  I plan things.   And I’ve happened upon the Organizing Junkie blog.  Laura hosts Menu Plan Monday, which is just cool, and I’ve decided to participate, as part of Monday Musings.  After all, our weekly menu is one of the things we muse about anyway, right?  😉

Usually our weekends are crazy enough that it’s mostly a matter of “what we’re in the mood for” –  so we really only plan Monday through Friday, with Friday being (homemade) pizza night.

So our menu plan for this week:

Monday: Black Bean Soup with homemade bread and maybe a salad.

Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken with Black Beans – we’ve been making this for years and have always enjoyed it with white rice.

Wednesday: Grilled white hots, pork and beans, and coleslaw.  How sad is it that, when all is said and done, hot dogs is the most expensive meal of the week? 🙄

Thursday: Taco night.  We had ground turkey in the freezer  we’re using shredded cabbage, and we’re making our own seasoning. . . wish us luck. 😯

Friday: Pizza night! Actually, this week we’re doing calzones, since we have have  container of ricotta to use up. . .

The more detailed menu is available here.




1. Kristen - February 23, 2009

I love the name of your blog. I haven’t had white hots in years, they aren’t available where I live now…yum for you.

Toy Lady - February 23, 2009

Hello, Kristen, and welcome!

I know that white hots are available online, but they seem to be ridiculously expensive. . . usually, I get them on sale and stash them in the freezer. 😉

This week, though, it looks like we may be able to dig the grill out for an evening and I couldn’t resist!

2. Mandy - February 23, 2009

Welcome to MPM!

Toy Lady - February 23, 2009

Thanks, Mandy!

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