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The REAL Awful Mad Kitty February 25, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff, Stupor Kitty.

Alternate Title –  “What Kitties Do At Night After We Go To Bed.”


Although Jarly boy has his new favorite toy, the Awful Mad Kitty, we still have the real mad kitty to think of.  Although she still resides in her self-imposed, subterranean exile, there are signs that she may be starting to . . . come around.  😯

So we set up our secret cameraman (that would be Surly Boy with his cell phone camera) to see what he could see.


Why looky who’s ventured out of the basement for a little late-night. . . what?


Mooching around for some snack other than kitty kibble?

Maybe just looking for somewhere a little cozier to snooze?

What?  😯


Has she actually moved beyond the kitchen – into the dining room – and under her own steam besides?

Remember, the dining room is where the dog dish has been moved.

That is one gutsy kitty, braving the main floor of the house, slinking past the dog’s feeding area. . .

And though she’s under the cover of darkness, our intrepid photographer was able to catch her. . . doing what?  Playing with the dog’s tennis ball?  😆


Though she still doen’st look any too happy, does she?

Boy, the stuff that goes on after dark around here. . .



1. judy - February 27, 2009

AWE!!!!!!! My long distance kitty so that I now have 3. Wonder what finally brought her up from the bowels of your hone. I don’t suppose it would be for the exercise. Stupor is looking VERY well fed there but what would I know..I am just glad to see her at a different level.

I am assuming that jarly did not eat her or you would have told me…OR WOULD YOU HAVE??? 🙂 Thanks to that young man you reared up for the pics. Warms my cold, cold heart.

Until another day.. I remain always a fan.


2. Toy Lady - February 27, 2009

Hey, Jude, I knew you’d be thrilled. 😀

Surly says he often opens the basement door after we go to bed at night (taking The Gigantic Kitty Pesterer with us), and she often sticks her head up into the kitchen. I think he’s been regularly encouraging her to come a little farther.

How was the visit with your sister?

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