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Will wonders never cease February 27, 2009

Posted by Peeps in random stuff, Rochester.

For the last couple of weeks, Surly Boy has been looking for a car.  Hours of looking at ads in print or online.  Last week, he asked if I could take him to look at a couple of them.  And it was on the way to one of them that it happened.

We found the street we were looking for and were almost at the address we wanted when I was forced to stop the car.  There, a couple blocks from our destination, was a tree house.  The likes of which I’d never seen.
It was amazing.
A veritable palace of a tree house.
With bridges. And lights. And even a weather vane.
We couldn’t believe it. It was the most incredible thing I’ve seen in years.

We then realized that we were sitting there gawking looking like idiots.  So we went on our way.

As it turned out, the car he looked at on that street was the one he purchased.  So when we went back to collect it, I came with a camera.

I dropped Surly Boy off to get his new vehicle, and went back to the house.  After taking several pictures, I felt I just had to ask about this truly awesome edifice.
Fortunately, I’ve never been afraid of looking like a total git.  So I just walked up to the front door and rang the bell.

A woman answered and asked me to come in when I explained that I was there to ask about the tree house.  The people there, Maire and Maurice, could not have been nicer or more friendly.  They told me that they have a website devoted to their magnificent acomplishment.  Maurice has even written a book on how to build your own tree house.

They said that it had taken several years to get the complex to the point it was currently at.  And said that it was much better when the weather was better and there were leaves on the trees.

They also told me they’d let me go up into it once the better weather arrives.  Really?  Seriously?  You can count on there being an update on this come May.

It’s very seldom I’m impressed, much less left speechless.  But these very nice people managed both.  It’s nice to know that there are still things out in the world to amaze and delight a person.  For a while, at least, my world is a little brighter.



1. Mike - March 1, 2009

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!


Toy Lady - March 1, 2009

Welcome, Mike, and thanks for the compliment!

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