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Monday Musings – 03.02.2009 Edition March 2, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Food, Information, Musings, random stuff.

PhotobucketSo happy March.

Lions and lambs, right?

Boy, they’re talking about negative temperatures overnight here for a while, which always makes morning dog-walking such a pleasure.  🙄

So I guess we’re getting our lions out of the way, huh?

That’s OK, though.  It won’t be too much longer.  Right?  Right???


So here’s something funny.  Peeps is re-reading a Robert Heinlein novel, and he’s come across a word that completely stumped him the first time he saw it  in the early 1980s – so much so that he ended up calling the New York City Public Library for the OED definition.

The word?  floccinaucinihilipilificatrix

The really funny thing?  There’s some vegan chick in Las Vegas who uses “floccinaucinihilipilificatrix” as her MySpace username.  😯


PhotobucketPoor Awful Mad Kitty.  He’s just about on his last leg ear.  I’m not sure whether to give him one last try.  I mean, I want to, Jarly wants me to, but am I only prolonging his agony?  😥

He’s otherwise holding up pretty well – he’s just a one-eared kitty toy.  🙄

So for the time being, he’ll just hide out on top of the bookcase, I guess.




If this is too small to read, the original is here.



This was market weekend – yay!  This week’s mystery produce is. . .

Lemon plums?

What’s that?  Well, to be honest, your guess is as good as mine.  Here’s what I do know.

When they’re around, they’re cheap.  As in DIRT cheap.  I picked these guys up at 8 for $1.  I thought about asking if I could just get 2 for a quarter, but I knew, with my luck, I’d love them and then never see them for another 40 years, so I sprung the buck for a whole 8.  🙄

And they evidently don’t exist.  No, seriously, the only mention on the internet is another blog, wherein the blogger laments their lack of existence on the internet. And we all know – if it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist.

So this week, I’ll be enjoying my imaginary fruit in my real breakfast smoothies.  😉



Look, a nifty new Menu Plan Monday banner!

I’ll be submitting this week’s menu to the Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.  This week is especially fun, since I finally got a chance to root through the downstairs freezers, so we’re going to actually use up some of the stuff that’s been in the freezer for, perhaps, a little longer than is strictly necessary.  😳

Monday: We’re going to be participating in Hobo Mondays with the Thursday Night Smackdown crowd – get ready for some Recession Food!

Tuesday:  Shepherd’s pie – by request.  Surly Boy asked for it, so what he’s getting is a kinda-sorta Greek Shepherd’s pie, using some lamb, spinach, and chick peas, topped with feta cheese spiked mashed potatoes.  This should be interesting. . . 😉

Wednesday: Pork chops, noodles, and, uh, some vegetable which will probably be squash.  This time I’ll be trying a bourbon-orange marinade with the pork, and I still have to think about how squash will fit in with that.  🙄

Thursday:  Skillet Chicken & Rice with Peas & Scallions – a Cook’s Illustrated recipe.  It’s sure to be far more work than it needs to be, but worth it in the end.  Probably.  😀

Friday:  Pizza night!  Thank goodness for pizza night!  🙂



1. judy - March 2, 2009

Happy new week! Between the lingering smell of baked beans and the anticipation of the Shepherds pie you are doing GOOD. AND a tree house community. Life is good. That is one “the rest of the story” that I am looking forward to seeing!

Ear scratching for “my” kitty and all of you have a good week.


2. Toy Lady - March 2, 2009

Hi Jude! THAT’S what I forgot to mention – Paul Harvey! Sheesh! 😥

Kitty says hi. . .

3. judy - March 2, 2009

I loved Paul and will miss him on the radio. I have listened to him a really LONG time.

Since you sew, why not open the seam on top of the cat toy, turn the ears inside and stitch across, thus eliminating the vulnerable rip it off part. I am sure Jarly would love it just the same and we could place bets about which part disappears next. Just a thought. I am pooped from the weekend and all the gabbing and the brain is dead.

You digging through your freezer is inspiring me. Time for me to make a “left over” soup. Just throw everything in until it reaches the top of the crock pot. Going to starting chopping now.


Toy Lady - March 3, 2009

I’ve listened to Paul Harvey pretty much as long as I can remember – he was here in town a few years back, and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t go see him. 😦

As for Awful Mad Kitty – yeah, that’s probably what I’m going to have to do. Funny, it’s only one ear that he goes after; think he finds a weak spot and just exploits it. . . I should probably turn in both ears, though, huh? 🙄

Then he’ll look like a Really Awful Mad Kitty, won’t he? 😆

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