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Monday Musings – 03.09.2009 Edition March 9, 2009

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I hate time change week with a hatred that’s almost (but not quite) beyond reason.

I’m far too old to be springing anywhere, especially forward.  🙄

I’d really rather just leave that to the professionals, thank you. 😉



Peeps and I had to run into Wegmans for a few things this weekend.  Imagine our . . . consternation when we walked down the pet aisle and saw this.  😯

We had to buy some, because Weggies is a little funny about photographs being taken inside the store.  And no, I don’t really know why.  But I didn’t want to get us thrown out of there. 😯

They were, however, marked down to 66¢ each, so we sprung for two.  After all, nothing’s too good for our Jarly  Especially peanut butter water.  😆

My father would lose his mind if he ever saw this. . . um, don’t mention it to him, okay?  😛



Would you believe this started out as “out”?

Oh yes.  He was OUTSIDE the kitchen.  Then he sat down.  Then he lay down.  Then he shifted.  And moved.  And fidgeted.  Then stretched.  Eventually, we just have to shove him back out to the dining room and start all over.

He just loves our company, I guess.  That, or he’s hoping to cadge a taste of something.  Anything.  🙄



Hey, remember those weird lemon plums I found at the public market last weekend?

They went from being yellowish and “OK” to being really, really red-ripe in less than a week.  Wow.  😯


They’re still weird, though.  😉


We have probably the most well-stocked spice cabinet of anyone we know.  It’s almost embarrassing.  🙄

What’s even more embarrassing is that, the last time we stopped at Tadco, we picked something new that we really should do something with.  🙄

Need to use some za’atar?

Call William Mattar.  🙄

Note:  Za’atar and feta cheese on pizza does not suck.  😀



And we also stopped into BJs for a couple of larger items (14 pounds of Stupor Kitty food, anyone?).  Peeps wouldn’t let me get a palm tree for the deck.  😥

I mean, come on.  A 7-foot tall, “realistic” palm tree with 300 clear lights!

Who could resist such a thing?  😯

I think it looks quite realistic and natural, don’t you?  😆



We used both Dutch ovens in tandem for the first time this weekend.

On your left, in the red “new hotness” pot, Wednesday’s pork braise simmers fragrantly.  And on the right, we have split pea soup for Sunday supper and, hopefully, a few future lunches.  We kind of had to put that in the green pot.  😉


By the way, I may or may not have mentioned when I posted about split pea soup before, it freezes very nicely in single-serving, microwaveable containers.  Just partially thaw (I leave it out on the counter in the morning until lunchtime), then nuke (loosely covered) for about 3 minutes, let sit, still covered 5-10 minutes, stir and enjoy.



So again with the Menu Plans!  Actually, we’ve been doing this for a couple  of years now, and it really does help keep things, well, flowing during the week.  😉

This week, we are again working on clearing out some old stuff from the freezers – I cleaned and organized them (again!) last weekend, so now I at least know what we’ve got to work with!   😆

And what we’ve got is lots and lots of pork.  😯

When you’re done here, be sure to check out zillions of other weekly menus over at Organizing Junkie.

Monday:  Some sort of corned beef rösti – we’ve got a bit of leftover corned beef from the weekend, so we’ll be putting together something delightfully different.  I’ll probably write about it later in the week.  Unless it’s a complete and utter failure, which certainly could happen. In which case, we’ll never speak of it again.  😳

Tuesday: Some sort of quiche – again, one of us will be putting that together with some “found” Canadian bacon, a lonely frozen pie crust. . . and, of course, eggs that were on sale and we couldn’t turn down two dozen, even though we really don’t have room in the fridge, either.  🙄

Wednesday: We dug out a boneless pork shoulder for Baked Orichiette with Pork Sugo from Food & Wine Magazine.  Pork.  Pasta.  And 2 cups of Parm.  I’ll eat that!  😆

Thursday: Again, a Food & Wine recipe – Fennel & Sausage Risotto.  Peeps made some Italian sausage last fall, and I stashed some fresh fennel in the freezer when they were practically giving it away at the market.

Friday: As always, on the north side of Rochester, Friday is pizza day.  We’ll probably use up any of the  Canadian bacon left from the quiche on the pizza.  Maybe I’ll even stick some pineapple on it, just to be a little wild.  😉

Saturday: Although we don’t usually “plan” Saturday meals, well, um, I took a pork roast out of the freezer to thaw, and, well, we forgot about it until the week’s menu was set, so Saturday it is.  😳

Fear not, though – the pork loin is not even quite thawed yet, and we’re going to “dry-age” it for a few days anyway.  It’s all good.   😉

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