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Eating Down Our Fridge March 11, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Eating Down the Fridge, Food.

I am seeing a bit of a trend, and I must admit, I find it fascinating.

America is, as we all know, the land of plenty.  I firmly believe that there are very few people in this country who know true poverty – and by “poverty” I mean the kind of hunger and privation that is or has been a way of life in pretty much every other part of the world – living in mud huts eating sticks and bugs.

I’m sorry, owning only one car and subscribing to basic cable isn’t true poverty.  🙄

But suddenly, with the “economy” the way it is, and the “downturn in the market” – suddenly, the dreaded “R-word” (recession) has become the even more dreaded “D-word” (depression).

Remember the depression?  The real one?  I don’t – my parents weren’t even born yet, though my grandparents lived through it.  But still – whatever else Americans may be, we’re not about to go hungry if we can help it.


So.  I read Mark Bittman‘s blog on a regular basis, and apparently he tends to stock dry goods.  So do I.

This is one shelving unit in the basement.  Spices.   More spices. Pasta, rices, miscellaneous other seasonings, several (!) kinds of flour, corn meal, bread crumbs (both regular and panko), other baking items, and, of course, various stocks, broths, condiments, beans.  And coffee.  We must make sure we never EVER run out of coffee.  😯

There’s, um, another shelving unit in the basement.  As well as the basic kitchen cupboards.  😳


Bittman linked to Civil Eats – where yet another blogger is lamenting an embarrassment of riches, who further references A Mighty Appetite – the Washington Post food blog, where they’ve issued a challenge to, well, Eat Down The Fridge.

Um, yeah.

About the fridge.  😳

Anyway, the whole thing evidently started with a discussion forum on eGullet – with a guy who does essentially the same thing so many of us do – he shops regularly, picking up a little extra “this” and a bit of “that” – until one week, he missed his shopping trip and realized that, even without it, he had more than enough food for the week.

OK, I’ll admit it.  I may have a wee bit of an issue with food storage.  And as much as it pains me to admit it, it does comfort me that I’m not alone.  😳

Ain’t America great?  😀

PhotobucketOf course, what’s the point of having a freezer if you don’t have at least a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s (or better yet, Haagen Daz) stashed away?  And then there’s the homemade breads, the leftover bits of this and scraps of that. . . is it any wonder there’s no room in the freezer for real meat?

I’ve had this small upright freezer since, literally, Surly Boy was a baby – I bought it when he was just over a year old.  My GAWD.  That’s nearly 20 years.  😯


The thing with upright freezers?  There’s really not as much room in them as you might think.   The shelves really limit storage area.  Big turkeys or roasts?  Not so much.  And, of course, knowing that the existing freezer was nearly 20 years old, then coming across a large chest freezer ON SALE – obviously it was meant to be that we buy a replacement freezer, right?  🙄


Of course.  And as we all know, a freezer is much more efficient if it’s full.  Which just led to our filling it up.

And don’t forget – we both love to cook.  We enjoy preparing food.   Trying new things.  Don’t get me wrong – we like eating it, too, but by and large, the best things to eat are usually made in large batches.  And there are only three of us – we, unfortunately don’t eat as much as we cook – and buy.

Or maybe that’s a good thing.  😯

So anyway.  You may have noticed the past couple of weeks – essentially since I’ve started sharing our weekly meal plans – that we’re “cleaning out the freezer.”  Well, this is why.

The fact that, in these difficult times, we have, literally freezers full of food, has become embarrassing.  So while I haven’t joined in the “not going to the store at all for anything” challenge, we are doing everything we can to use up much of the “old” meat and other items that have been moldering away in the freezers – getting creative and trying some new and different things.

And we’re being far more conscious of what we buy and what we spend on it – and whether what we’re buying is worth the expense to us.

Besides, we’ve gotta make room in the freezer for all the stuff Peeps is going to be smoking this summer.  😉


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