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Orange Bourbon Pork Chops March 12, 2009

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You know how, sometimes, it’s not quite spring yet, but you want summer food?  You want the taste of grilled. . . something.  Anything.  😕

Yeah.  That itch starts getting really bad for me around the beginning of March.  If it’s not actively snowing, it’s really cold.  Or it’s raining.  Or it’s cold and raining.  🙄

It’s just really hard to use the grill in upstate New York in early March.  So we make do.  We’re good like that, I guess.  (We use our oven broiler and crack open a window, that’s all.)  😉

Then there’s our “eating (down) the freezer” project.  😆

We have pork in the freezer.   Specifically pork loin and loin chops.  We had picked up a whole loin at Sam’s Club last fall, and Peeps just butchered it.  It’s just so much cheaper that way, you know?  And besides, he does a nice job at it, so why not?

The problem?  At that time, there were just the two of us, so we packaged the chops in packages of, uh, two.  Do you have any idea how easily a couple (six or eight) packages of two pork chops can get buried in a chest freezer?  😯

So yeah.  We’ll be eating pork in some form or other at least a couple of times a week for the foreseeable future.  🙄

Anyway.  I’ll bet you’re just about ready to start suggesting decaf, aren’t you?  I was working my way to supposed-to-be-grilled-but-broiled-instead orange bourbon pork chops.

This is actually quite simple.  There’s a shocker, huh?  It seems that I go from one extreme to the other, doesn’t it?  Either I do something that’s so simple it’s barely worth putting in writing, or I do something so ridiculous that, well, you’ve gotta be wondering by now if I’m just nuts, aren’t you?  😉


Basically, we’re going to marinate some pork chops in BOURBON and ORANGE juice.  Plus some other stuff.  I’m not quite so lame as all that!   😉

Place 4 or 6 boneless pork chops (or really, however many you want) into a zip-top bag, add, then squish together:

3 Tablespoons bourbon (I used a quarter cup, and it was just a smidge too much)
¼ cup  soy sauce
¼ cup brown sugar
2 Tablespoons orange juice concentrate (not actual juice – the frozen stuff)
about 4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Now, while I’m fine with scotch and Jack, I’m not a big fan of bourbon – not really.  I think it’s too harsh.  It’s like that Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel stuff – not disgusting if you want to prove how manly you are, but not something I’d want to enjoy regularly.  I’m just saying, that’s all.


However, Peeps has a bottle of <ahem> Fighting Cock bourbon knocking around in the liquor cabinet.

Note: Peeps insists here that I add the fact that “it was a gift” – he wouldn’t buy it for himself.  And that it’s 103 proof.  😯

I’m not drinking that.

So anyway.  We let the chops marinate overnight (or, in our case, until they were thawed) in the bourbon mixture.

Then we put them on a (foil-lined) broiler tray and, well, broiled them.  (If it had been July, I’d have grilled them.)  I’d sincerely recommend the foil lining – that OJ concentrate has a lot of sugars.  That burn.  I’m just saying.  You’re free to do it however you want.  Or to slap it on the grill.  😀


Of course everything is going to depend on your broiler (or grill) and how hot it is and your chops and how thick they are.  WE broiled these particular chops in our particular oven broiler for about 6 minutes a side.  We tried to reduce the marinade in a saucepan – I thought that would be really good drizzled over the chops and some noodles – but it just Would Not Thicken.  😦


That’s OK, though.  The chops were cooked perfectly (a little pink in the middle is a good thing with pork nowadays!), noodles are always good with  a little butter, and we pulled a bag of pre-roasted squash out of the freezer to reheat, which was perfect.  The sweetness of the squash was the perfect complement to the bourbon-y chops.  😀

All in all, though, I think I’d prefer to use the grill.  Soon.  Very soon.

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