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Chantilly…. March 19, 2009

Posted by Peeps in Cooking, Food.


Ha.  You thought it was going to be this, didn’t you?

Okay, so it was obvious.  I am not above going for the obvious joke.  Not by a long shot.  Anyway.

So, Toys was looking at Food & Wine‘s website the other day.  She found a slideshow for a group of recipes that were listed as “Humble Ingredients, Incredible Recipes”.  We like humble ingredients.  We tend to keep them around.  And they’re usually easy to get if we run out.

One of the things we found was the recipe for Chantilly Potatoes with a Parmesan Crust.  You can get the recipe here.  We decided that this was definitely worth trying in the near future.

As it turned out, we did over the weekened.  Toys’s brother was coming by with his new puppy, and we thought it would be nice to feed him.  “Him” being the brother.  We decided that feeding the puppy with the Big Lug around might be a problem.

We were trying a new roast pork recipe, and decided that the Chantilly potatoes would be perfect with it.

While the pork was roasting, I got busy.  I peeled the potatoes and cut them into chunks.

While they were cooking, I got everything else together.  The recipe said to use seven tablespoons of butter.  Woohoo!  It also said to butter a 9X13 baking dish.  There goes the extra tablespoon from the stick.

When the potatoes were almost done, I turned my attention to whipping the cream.
While I frequently think of myself as lazy, this time I was just well equipped. I really didn’t feel like whipping cream by hand, and even a hand mixer requires standing there and paying attention. So, I hauled out the stand mixer. What, I’m just going to let it sit there and get dusty?

Once the potatoes are done, they get drained and put back on the heat to make sure they are as dry as possible.

They then get run through a ricer into a bowl.  The butter is added and the cream is folded in.  The mixture then goes into the prepared baking dish and the cheese get sprinkled on top.

Happily, I managed to time it right and the pork roast is done and can rest while the potatoes are in the oven.

Half an hour later, we have achieved an awesome side dish.
Wow. Rich, creamy, a crunchy cheese crust. One of the most decadent potato recipes I’ve ever had. And so very simple. This is going to be served in the this household every so often for a long time. Just not too often. It might kill us.


1. Mazco - March 19, 2009

Oh you sweet thing!

Baby, you know what I like, and using your famous phrase, ” I never met a potato I didn’t like.”

Peeps - March 19, 2009

I feel bad for people who don’t try these.

2. judy - March 23, 2009

These potatoes look too good not to try and SOON. I also love spuds.


Peeps - March 24, 2009

The only downside to this dish is that you’re going to want more. Lots more. Please don’t blame me.

Toy Lady - March 24, 2009

Judy, they’re very, very good. Very rich, too.

I call them Death Potatoes. 🙄

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