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Chopping Block? Really? March 27, 2009

Posted by Peeps in Food, random stuff, What we're watching.

First, let me start by saying that generally neither my wife nor I really approves of “reality” shows.  Naked greed doesn’t do it for me.  It’s not really a competition, like say football.  And if I wanted to watch lots of backstabbing, I have CSPAN.

However, from time to time we run across something that causes us to pay a bit of attention to it.  We found Top Chef last year, and thought it was pretty interesting.  Enough so that we’ve been watching it ever since.

Toys also found a website that does a live blog of Top Chef that is just wonderful.  This blogger, now that Top Chef is over for the season, decided to start her live blog again with the new show The Chopping Block.  So, not ever having heard of this, we decided to give it a try and watch.

The concept is that eight “couples” are competing to win money to open a resaurant.  Simple enough, right?  This is where it starts getting weird.  Among the “couples” are a pair of brothers with cute names.  A pair of sisters.  Two guys with seriously silly hair make up yet another “couple”.  A mother and daughter “couple”.  And of course, there is a formerly married couple appearing as a “couple”.  Got that?  Right.

They’re divided into teams and every week, one “couple” is eliminated.  Simple.  Now, we have only been watching this the three weeks that it’s been on.  We haven’t had the chance to get attached to any of the contestants.  If that’s at all possible on this show.  So far, it seems that not one of these “couples” has anything at all likeable.  And as yet, they know nothing about how to be a team.

And then there’s the host.  Marco Pierre White. We had never heard of this guy.  He’s supposed to be a big deal.  Whatever.  From what we’ve seen of him on this show, he’s very Zen-like and given to airy gestures and tries very hard to be mysterious.  And apparently does not own any socks.

He’s been given credit for making Gordon Ramsay cry.  A point in his favor.  But that seems to be the only one.  And it may just be me, but I’m not sure I’d be terribly comfortable if I knew that this guy was preparing my food:
He just doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Or hungry.

Every week on the show, the two “teams” have a challenge.  They both do a less than stellar job.  And then the get nasty at each other in an attempt to not get booted off the show.  Last week, the “couple” that was tossed was engaged.  He seemed like a nice enough guy.  She threw the race card so fast even Al Sharpton would have trouble believing her.

I don’t know that we’ll continue to watch this.  There is very little to like about this show.  And yet, the desire to see just how bad this will get is present.  Could it be the biggest train wreck since Armed & Famous?  It’s entirely possible.



1. Mazco - March 27, 2009

Old episodes of The Chopping Block can be found at http://www.hulu.com.

Your mother watches Monk on that web site.

Toy Lady - March 27, 2009

Um, why are we still recording Monk, then? 😕

2. Peeps - March 27, 2009

Thanks, I didn’t know that. Not that I ever plan to watch old episodes. Ever. For any reason.

3. judy - April 1, 2009

Well guys the decision has been made FOR you. The show has been cancelled. Seems you have a lot of company about how you felt and why.

Now back to the real top Chef. As it happens, Hosea cooks at a restaurant in Boulder where my son and such live. They have eaten there and say it is great. He has a huge local following and is on Facebook and I caved and became his “friend.” Silly I know but it is another way for me to keep up with what is going on in “my town.”

He may be doing some local promotions here in Albuquerque for his new products and I am watching to see what the date might be. If he does set a date here I will try to attend as the store will be about 1 mile from me. Goofy stuff but it is fun.

Toy Lady - April 2, 2009

I think Peeps finally gave Chopping Block the kiss of death! 😆

Seeing Top Chef Hosea in person would be Super Cool! I would so go . . . if it wasn’t on the other side of the country, anyway. 😕

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