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Monday Musings – 03.30.2009 Edition March 30, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

Is it really that big a deal when the DSL runs slowly?  🙄



So is it finally spring or what?  😯

It was not just sunny this weekend, it was IN the 60s.  Time to put the cushions on the deck furniture, eh?

A few years ago – the same year we had the deck built, actually – Peeps bought the deck furniture at Chase Pitkin.  We have had the good sense to store the chair cushions in the fall, which has helped extend their lives.

Now we just have have to clean the table.  🙄



This week’s meal plan includes a grilled chicken dish which specifies fresh oregano.  Since the perennial oregano woke up pretty much as soon as the snow melted, and it woke up mad, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to both take advantage of the one nice day in next week’s forecast AND to show that oregano who’s in charge.

Not that I would anthropomorphize herbage or anything.  😳


So did anyone celebrate observe Earth Hour 2009 or did you choose to celebrate Human Achievement Hour instead?

Here’s the thing – we all know what people do when the power’s out, don’t we?

Isn’t that causing, um, overpopulation and just adding to the problem?


Kitty‘s still hanging tough.  She’s been occasionally venturing into the kitchen – when you-know-who is out on his morning walk with me.


Unfortunately, she’s still not willing to budge much more than that.  She seems perfectly content with her underground lair.  Lord knows I’ve tried to convince her to join the land of the living.

She needs to just let it go.  I think it’s starting to make her senile.  🙄



So.  The part everyone’s waiting for – Menu Plan Monday.  😉

This week, we have quite an interesting and varied, menu, if I do say so myself.  😀

Monday – We picked up some lovely Swiss chard at the public market, and it’s supposed to be cold and icky, so we’ll be doing a variation of the squash, chard and white bean soup that we did last fall.   I’m really looking forward to that.  😀

Tuesday – The forecast calls for a warmer, more sunny day, so we’re going to grill some chicken – we’ve added a moroccan-type marinade and will be serving some sort of herby-lemony couscous and maybe a tossed salad. . . mmm. . . 😉

Wednesday – We’ve decided to do repeat performance of our Valentine’s Day boeuf a al bourgignonne.  Summer’s a’coming, and we won’t want the oven on all day.  And we happened to still have a chuck roast in the freezer.  And Surly Boy is going to be going to work for his grandfather soon and will, thus, be moving out.  And this is one sure winner with him – we know he will like it. He can be a little hard to please sometimes.  🙄

Thursday – How’s taco night sound?  😆

We discovered, a few weeks ago, that, besides being healthier, shredded cabbage works even better than lettuce on tacos – it stays crisper longer, and that cabbage flavor, while faint in raw cabbage, is completely neutralized by the taco-y goodness.  AND we picked up a basket of mini-cabbages at the market for. . . a buck.  😯

Friday – As always, Friday is pizza night.  It’s always nice to relax in front of the TV on Fridays with TV trays and homemade pizza while the Puppster gets his Friday Evening Kong Toy.  The Kong toys usually keep him amused while we sit in the living room and enjoy our dinner.  It’s all quite . . . domestic.  😀

Anyway, be sure to visit Organizing Junkie for lots more weekly meal plans and ideas. . .




1. Kelly - March 30, 2009

Had to visit…just the name of your blog lured me here! I like the cabbage in tacos idea…will definitely have to try that!

Toy Lady - March 30, 2009

Hi, Kelly, and welcome – thanks for visiting. 😉

About the cabbage, I was shocked – SHOCKED! – that it didn’t taste like cabbage. Of course, iceburg lettuce doesn’t really taste like much, either, so it seemed to work out nicely. I take whatever’s left (cabbage, onions, meat, cheese) and just dump it all together in a big tupperware bowl for “taco salad” for lunch the rest of the week. And even after dumping some salsa and sour cream on, the cabbage stays crispy for quite a while.

2. judy - April 1, 2009

I’m so far behind I feeling like the White Rabbit, hurrying, hurrying to get caught up. Just doing this one tonight because, of course, as I flashed through checking out this week’s leading characters I spotted my LOVE, Stupor Kitty! 🙂 I believe this is the first time upstairs in the light for me for a long, long time. She looks pretty good. At least she remembers where upstairs is.

Give her a love from her biggest fan. OK? More later.


Toy Lady - April 1, 2009

Hi, Judy, how’s it going? Don’t worry – we’ll be right here; you can take your time!

And don’t worry about Kitty – she’s doing . . . better. We’re taking good care of her, whether she likes it or not. 😕

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