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The Importance of Personal Hygiene April 1, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, random stuff, Stupor Kitty.

Poor, poor Kitty.  She’s been in her underground lair, suffering in her self-imposed solitude, for nearly a year now.


I’d almost think she likes it like this, if not for the fact that every time someone comes down the stairs, after she makes sure there are no dogs around, she’s so pathetically attention-starved.

She really does want to be around us – just not HIM. 🙄

Last weekend, I ran down to the basement for something, and, surprisingly, I wasn’t greeted by my occasional feline furry shadow.  What I was greeted by, however, was an odor.  An odor that suggested that, well, that someone was not using her litter box the way she should. 👿

Just dandy.  😦

Then I went back downstairs later, and the smell wasn’t there anymore.  It was somewhere else.  😯

I finally figured it out.  The kitty wasn’t LEAVING the odor.  She WAS the odor.  yuck.gif

She, in all her kitty portliness, has had some trouble, um, grooming herself for a while now.  I’ve even resorted to helping her a time or two – always a fun job, let me tell you.   🙄

However, this went beyond that.  She literally stunk.  Like the old crazy guy who shuffles around up and down the street talking to trees and wetting himself.

I enlisted the aid of Surly Boy while Peeps took the dog for his walk, we wrapped the cat in a heavy towel, filled a bucket with warm, soapy water, and I went to work while he held her.  😯

She was not happy.  And, frankly, neither was anyone else.

Once I got her somewhat cleaned up, though, I saw that this was not a do-it-yourself job.

Kitty needed a trip to the vet.  Her back end was red and swollen and just looked . . . painful.  😥


So off we went, after work the next day – the first appointment we could get.  What a production THAT was!

The dog went for his walk early.     Peeps went out and unlocked the car and took my purse.  And I got another clean towel and went downstairs for our patient.

Pshew.  I got her wrapped up and out to the car, where I held her smelly self.   With the window open.  😯

The vet was very understanding.  We described her (the cat’s – not the vet’s) loathing for all things canine, her Queen of the Underdark preference, and how (and why), at this point, we hesitate to try to force her to join the Land of the Living.

We talked about how she’s edging over into “senior” territory.  About how , at 19.2 pounds, we need to seriously look at diet and exercise.  Apparently, forcing her to at least come up the basement stairs to eat, while good, isn’t good enough.  And it’s clear that she’s not grooming herself – her flaky dandruff is common among overweight cats.

Yeah, fine.  What about her butt?  😯

The vet said, certainly she can get her cleaned up, and she’ll take a look and see what’s going on.   And away they went.


To return in about 15 minutes with a reasonably calm kitty, one who now smells, if not fresh as a daisy, at least not like a Bourbon Street men’s room.  😯

The vet also shaved and cleaned around her, uh, tail.

I think, to a great extent, it was a relief to the poor thing.  She already seems to be perking up a bit – she even hissed at a little dog in the reception area while I was taking care of the bill.  😆


We go back for a follow up in 2 weeks.  And meanwhile, she’s got antibiotics she’s got to take twice a day (Peeps will do mornings and I’ll do evenings) and a butt disinfectant that we’ll need to use (on her) daily, until we next see the doctor.

Oh, and evidently she’s got fleas.  😐

She’d better not ever say we love the dog more than we love her.  I wouldn’t disinfect just anybody’s butt, you know.  I’m just saying.  😉


1. judy - April 1, 2009

and on April Fools Day too. I was almost afraid to read to the end fearing that Stupor Kitty did not make it to come back home again.

Of course I am relieved and surely she has to feel better now. I don’t think there is a good answer. 😦

Toy Lady - April 2, 2009

I know, Judy, I know. 😥

It truly was sudden – we go down and feed her and check on her twice a day, at the very least, and we’re back and forth down there all the time anyway. She was fine, then suddenly . . . not so much. We’re fortunate that the vet’s office is so close by and so accommodating.

On the bright side, with all this holding her and medicating her and cleaning her, she’s getting more used to being handled again. and the dog’s getting used to her scent on us. It may, in the long run, be a good thing. . .

I know, ever the optimist, that’s me. 😉

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