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Monday Musings – 04.06.2009 April 6, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.


Boy, did it rain last Friday!  We did persevere, though, and walk the dog.  In the rain.  The pouring rain.

However, being our dog, he’s no dummy.  😉

When he’s soaked to the skin, he just parks himself on top of the heat vent and lets convection take over.  😀


And after almost three months of familial bliss, Surly Boy has moved out again.   This time, though, it’s on much better terms, which is something – he’ll be going to work in his grandfather’s auto shop.  I’m not sure if being a mechanic is what he wants to do with the rest of his life, but I’m not sure it’s not, either.

It’s his decision, and I fully support it.

I’m such a mom, aren’t I?  🙄

(In all honesty, I’m kind of hoping he’ll hate it and will finally FINALLY decide to go back to school, but I am Keeping My Mouth Shut about that. Don’t tell, OK? It’s HIS life and HIS choice.)



Oh, and hey!  don’t look now, but I think we might have it.

I think I may have found the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.

They’re still cooling, so I’ll let you know.  😉


OK, has anyone heard of this?


The City of Rochester is looking into using some sort of high-tech graffiti sensor.  Something that will “sense” when an aerosol can is being sprayed and alert police.

Really?  😯

Um, sorry, officer, I was just spray painting my kid’s bike.

Just touching up the deck furniture.

Spraying PAM in a cake pan.

Really?  How far is Big Brother going to go?   😕



A quick update on the Kitty.  She’s been faithfully taking her medicine (except the bit she spits at us) and she’s having her “area” cleaned daily.  🙄

She’s feeling much better lately, too.

We’ve cut back on her food – it seems that the feeding directions printed on the package of cat food are . . . excessive.  😯

And while the poor kitty probably thinks she’s hungry, what this has accomplished is to make her far more motivated by treats – we offer her a treat, and she’s a bit more compliant when it’s time to wrap her in a towel, shove a dropper of medicine in her mouth, clean her butt, then brush her a bit.


It looks like we’re going to be cooking Easter dinner for the family, but at my parents’ house.  This will be fun – my mother has a recipe that she’d like to try, but it takes a lot more “hands on” time than she’s able to provide on a Sunday morning, so Peeps, Jarly and I have offered to drive to their house and babysit dinner so the family can come home to an Easter dinner prepared by someone else.

This will be fun.  😀



And here it is, Menu Plan Monday again.  Sometimes, it just seems like there’s so much stuff we want to try, and so little time to try it.  😯

And I wonder why it’s so hard to lose weight, right?  🙄

So, this week’s menu:

Monday –  We’re going to be playing along, once again, with Thursday Night Smackdown’s Hobo Monday challenge.  The gist of the challenge is to create a meal for two that costs $5 or less.  We won last month with lentils and rice.  Heh.  😀

We’re not exactly sure what we’ll be doing, at this point, though we have a couple of ideas.  Check back Tuesday, and I’ll tell you all about it. . . 😉

Tuesday – We’re being lazy Tuesday and we’re defrosting the Most Fabulous Pork Roast Ever from Cook’s Country TV.  You may need to register to see the actual recipe, but it’s painless (and free).  Because this roast was a little on the fussy side (it took an entire weekend, for crying out loud!), we like to double the recipe and freeze it in meal-for-two-sized packages.  Along with the pork roast, we’re going to test making ahead Peeps’s Death Potatoes – we’d love to bring those for Easter Sunday.  We’re also either going to do some asparagus with a lemon vinaigrette or test an interesting-looking brussels sprouts with cranberries recipe.  Hey, I like Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday – We are making chicken noodle soup.  From scratch.  We’ll probably use half a rotisserie chicken, some homemade chicken stock, a couple of carrots and some onion and celery.  And noodles.  Very basic, very warming.  And our last batch of chicken stock was absolutely fabulous, and chicken noodle soup is all about the broth.  And it’s supposed to be cold and yucky all week.  What’s better than chicken noodle soup when it’s cold and nasty out?

Thursday –  Chicken Goulash just sounds wonderful.  Again, the cold and nasty thing – this sounds like warm comfort food, doesn’t it?  Besides, I don’t have to work Friday, so we can spend a little extra time in the kitchen Thursday evening if we need to.  I’ve probably been spending more time than is good for me on the Food & Wine website, I guess.  🙄

Friday –  Pizza night!  Peeps makes the most delicious sourdough crust – even with no pepperoni and minimal cheese, it’s a treat!

Head over to Organizing Junkie for more meal planning ideas.




1. judy - April 7, 2009

All is looking good here for a Monday! Of course my heart went pitty pat when I saw my love Kitty. I think she will miss Surly Boy who seemed to add to her attention quota. She DOES look better. Now to find her curves.. I know you can do that too.

and that Jarly sleeping on the vent. Priceless. Have a great week. The chicken soup caught my eye. Do you have a noodle/pasta maker? i do. Love homemade egg noodles.

Have a good week.

Toy Lady - April 7, 2009

Hey, Jude!

Yeah, Kitty-Butt is looking better, isn’t she? And she seems to be getting braver, too. I’ve been sitting on the landing there to take care of her, uh, issues. She barely even flinches when idiot-boy insists on flinging himself against the basement door and banking his fool head off. Just an occasional hiss. . . I’m tempted to open her kitty door and let her get a good swipe. . . 😉

I have an older electric pasta machine (an honest-to-god Ronco!) that we don’t really use – it’s so NOISY! My mother did get me an old-fashioned pasta roller for Christmas, though, and we’ve used it for ravioli so far. . . I keep wanting to do more pasta, and I keep not getting around to it. 😕

Soon, though. 😀

You enjoy your week, too, Jude – it’s always good to “see” you here!

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