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New phones for old April 17, 2009

Posted by Peeps in Home, random stuff, Surly Boy.

So, Surly Boy is living in the wilds of another county, working for his grandfather.  And he doesn’t get reception for his cell phone.  He doesn’t have good enough credit, being a young man and all, to get his own plan with another carrier.  He came to us for help.  So, we went out and added a line to our plan.  We had been thinking about getting new phones anyway.

Off to the phone store.  We were helped by a very nice young man.  He got us a calling plan that would work for us.  He explained everything in detail.  He was all kinds of helpful.  Two hours we were there.  Two.  Seriously.

Surly Boy knew exactly what he wanted.  A Blackberry Storm.  It’s impressive.  Even if it doesn’t make coffee.  Me personally, I’d be afraid to take it anywhere, given what it costs.

The helpful young man helped Toys pick out a phone.  Because of the current Blackberry promotion, he could shuffle things to get her a free phone.  A pretty cool one.  She picked this.  Surly boy tends to text her a lot.  And this sleek device makes it easier for her to reply.  She also got a Borg implant Bluetooth headset for when she’s driving.  Because it’s illegal in this state to talk on the phone while driving without a headset.  Yup.

My turn.  I got a phone.  Basic.  No touch screen.  No bells, no whistles, no anything.  I’m boring.  And I hardly ever use the silly thing anyway.

I suppose I can see the need for a cell phone that does everything but walk the dog for you.  If I try really hard.  But not for me.  Mine is more of a “just in case” sort of thing.  The helpful young man at the store looked at our phone habits on his computer.  Something that kind of worries me a little.  He mentioned that the last time I send a text message was three months ago.  That’s how often I use my phone.  I actually thought it was longer ago than that.

Oh the whole, things went pretty well.  Did I mention we were there for two hours?  Driving home and after dinner nothing but the sounds of new toys being played with.  It was almost like Christmas.  Sort of.  In a way.



1. Pixie - April 17, 2009

I mainly use my cell as an alarm clock, and to play Scrabble when I need to kill a few minutes.

I’ve been texting more lately, but even that activity sporadic.

I get maybe three calls a week

Still, I don’t feel right if the thing isn’t in my pocket or within arm’s reach. Guess it’s a 21st century security blanket.

Peeps - April 17, 2009

I forget about my phone for weeks at a time. I like it when it’s dusty. I refuse to be one of those people with it grafted to their hand. So far, I’m doing good with that.

2. Melinda - April 17, 2009

lol we got new phones 3 months ago and since i always take pictures the hubby and teenager ( who went together, and i think it was about 2 hours too.) bought me a really fancy camera phone and unlimited text ummmm well i have taken the text off because i NEVER text the teenager tried to text me but it took way to long to answer him so he gave up and James well he just got frustrated with me because i was to slow for him too. you know i can use the camera ( can not transfer pictures) and i can answer phone and is that not all that is important? don’t know why you can not comment, and i really would like to hear from you guys i am sorry you are so funny though you might say something really cute on my boring life with those 3 boys and hubby of mine.

Toy Lady - April 17, 2009

Melinda – I LOL’ed. Really! Surly Boy keeps sending me text messages out of nowhere, and when I respond (like the next day) he has NO IDEA what I’m talking about. Then he’ll text me back “what do you mean” or “huh?” . . . and we go back and forth, with me trying to text him and him trying to figure out what I’m talking about . . . until he finally calls me. 😆

I got me a KEYBOARD now – no more of that number-letter stuff now! Just gotta figure out how to use it, that’s all. . .

I felt SO old in that store. 🙄

3. judy - April 18, 2009

Fun stuff! and written nicely. My dtr INSISTED I have a cell phone which she added to her account. A very boring phone because it is just for TROUBLE calls, like if I wreck my car, am arrested, fall down or get lost any time soon. I humor her and I have used it more as I go about my driving activities. I figure that if I give her a heads up that I am out and about that when she gets a call from someone who has had occasion to come across me she will at have been warned that I have left the house


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