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No Pits Here April 23, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Eating Down the Fridge, random stuff, Wine & Spirits.

If Life is a Bowl of Cherries –
What Am I Doing in the Pits?

Remember Erma Bombeck?  I always loved her – I think my mother had all of her books in paperback when I was a kid, and I read them all.   What with Erma and Jean Kerr both before I was a teenager, is it any surprise I only have one kid?  😯

So. . . where was I before I got lost in fond memories of my misspent childhood?  🙄

Cherries.  Yeah, cherries.  Not just any cherries, mind you, but sour cherries that I found buried in the freezer a while back.  I don’t know whether you’re familiar with sour cherries – they’re not the ubiquitous “dark cherries” that are “in season” and available in pretty much every supermarket all summer.  Oh no.  These are pie cherries.  Tart cherries.  These are cherries that, while you can eat them out of hand (I certainly have) they aren’t, well, they’re sour.  😯

They’re meant to have a scoop of sugar added to them, be thickened and dumped into pie.  Or cobbler.  Or, my personal favorite, cherry preserves.

And most of the time, the only way to get them is to either pay about $5 a quart (frequently even more), or to pick them yourself.  If you can find a place, which isn’t easy.

Guess what I usually opt for?  😉

So we had, stashed way in the back of the bottom shelf of the freezer, the last couple of quarts of picked-with-my-own-little-hands-in-Penn-Freakin-Yan sour cherries.

Do you know where Penn Yan is?  Yeah, almost no one does.  I’ll tell you this, though.  It is almost impossible to get to Penn Yan from Greece.  Just sayin’.  An hour and a half for cherries.  I make it worth the trip, though.  😆

And as an aside, I think there must be someplace closer to pick cherries. I’m going to have to Google that.  😉

So, since I’m not in the market for any pie or cobbler any time soon (see the “Fatty Update” in the side bar) (or pretty much any post with the tag “fattiness”), and, given that we almost never actually eat jelly anymore, I needed to do something with these frozen gold nuggets sour cherries – something that would not add to my not-decreasing-enough-for-my-taste waistline and do the fruit justice.

Enter my new favorite website Food & Wine.  🙄


Sorbet.  Sorbet is fruit and no fat.  Excellent!  We have a winner!  😆

The first thing we did was stick the thawed cherries in Peeps’s nifty cool blender.  (He will use any excuse to drag it out, you know. )


I’m going to make a little note here – either use fresh fruit (duh!) or strain the puree before using.    Even with the blender set to “liquify beyond all recognition” there was still a bit of a . . . textural thing going on when we were done.  Live and learn, right?  😳

Meanwhile, I opened the beer.  🙂

Remember how I stopped at Beers of the World the other day to get the IPA for the Chicken Makhani?  Well, that’s not all I picked up.  😀

PhotobucketI got a (big) bottle of one of my all time favorites – Lindeman’s Cherry Lambic.  The only thing better than this cherry ale is the raspberry version.  I’m just sayin’.

And the really neat thing is that besides your basic beer cap, this stuff comes corked, too!  Dude.  A lot of actual wines don’t even have corks anymore – real or otherwise.  Beer with a cork is just cool!  😆


Did I mention that I got the big bottle?  Lindeman’s comes in small (probably 12-ounce) single-size bottles and large (1 litre) really big single size bottles.  Peeps says the smaller bottles don’t taste as good as the larger ones.  I suspect that may be because you don’t have as much left over to taste, but that’s just a guess on my part.  😯

PhotobucketSo anyway.  I stirred together 3/4 cup of simple syrup (which had been pre-made  by my darling hubby and refrigerated) with 1 cup of the lambic, and we drank the rest of the beer.  😆

Really, that’s a lot of foam, isn’t it?

The beer was nice and, uh, heady.  And tasty too.  😉

PhotobucketWe used the ice cream attachment for the Kitchen-Aid to freeze “according to manufacturer’s instructions.”  Basically, we let the thing run until the sorbet thickened up a bit.

Then, after we scraped about a quart of really soft sorbet into a Tupperware bowl, we covered it with plastic wrap then snapped the lid on.  And of course, because it’s Tupperware, I even burped it.  😯

Once it froze solid, the sorbet tasted, surprisingly, just like cherries should taste, and not at all like beer should taste.  And with no fat, besides.


Life is good, isn’t it?



1. Melinda - April 23, 2009

OK i want to try i KNOW i have the ice cream attachment somewhere hmm i got my moms when she passed and so it is some where in the kitchen i am sure just to find it except i think i will try strawberries, do you think that would work..
i know i go on way to much but… i remember Erma Bombeck i still have her a few of her books she is still funny as far as i am concerned
AND my husbands co-worker drinks a beer that has a cork too really surprised me the 1st time i saw it now i buy it for him when he comes over for the weekend at the local grocery store i can not remember the name just that it starts with a CH and it is really smooth stuff james says that the alcohol is high and that is why i like so much any surprise there?

Toy Lady - April 23, 2009

Melinda, I’m sure strawberry sorbet would work – I would strain the seeds, though, or at least some of them. If you can’t find strawberry ale to go with it, I would certainly use something else – either the cherry or raspberry, or even peach. 😯

I’ll bet your husband’s friend’s beer is Chimay – that is one of Peeps’s favorites too. And you can no doubt find Lindeman’s (or a reasonable substitute) at the same store. 😀

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