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Monday Musings – 05.04.2009 May 4, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

The time has come once again for new shoes.


Boy, that twice-a-day dog walking sure does put a hurting on a pair of sneakers, doesn’t it?

This time, though, I went to BJs and found a decent pair of Reeboks for a decent price.  No need to go to the mall!  😀

They’re kinda girly, though, huh?

I feel so . . . pretty.  😳



Any minute now, we’re going to be enjoying our irises.

And not just any old irises, either.  Oh, no.  I planted a mixture of snow-white, deep black, and burgundy flowers on the side of the house.  Every one is absolutely stunning, and one of these days, they’ll blossom simultaneously.

Any year now.  Yup.



So. . . what with the excellent deal on artichokes and the new coolness of the ramps that we found at the market in the very same week, well, come pizza night, what’s a person to do?  I mean, how do I decide what to decorate my pizza with?

Ramps or artichokes?

Artichokes or ramps?


Of course, I did what any reasonable person would do.  😀

I had both.  And both sides were. . . absolutely delightful.

And I’d do it again, too.

Heck, yeah, I would!  😆


PhotobucketI almost forgot!

Last weekend, driving home from the Public Market, we noticed a new mini-market opening downtown.

And I couldn’t resist snapping a photo with my brand new cell phone.  😯


I mean, WHY?

Is anyone going to think the president himself runs the place?

Shops there?

Seriously. W.T.F. is up with this?



The Big Lug seems to be developing a bit of a lazy streak.

Developing – HA!  😆

It’s either laziness or sulkiness; I’m not sure which, actually.  It appears that he’s decided haul himself upstairs while we’re cooking dinner and either nap or pout – probably because no one is paying undivided attention to him at the moment.  🙄

Whatever.  I dealt with Surly Boy‘s adolescence, I can certainly deal with this.  Amateur.  😉


Hey!  Speaking of sulking!  😆

Of late, while I’m taking the dog for his morning walk, Peeps has been opening the basement door to give Stupor Kitty the chance to consider re-acclimating herself to the Land of the Living.  🙄

About a week or so ago, he mentioned that he could sit on the couch with a book, and she was climbing up into his lap – in the living room – and just hanging out with him until she heard HIM on the porch, at which time she’d waddle scamper back downstairs.

And last week – a breakthrough!  He went upstairs to shower, and when he came out, THERE SHE WAS – in the middle of our bed!  All by herself!  😯

Unfortunately, I have no photos, so you’ll have to just imagine this momentous occasion, as I have.  Sadly, Peeps didn’t have the camera with him he seldom brings it to the shower with him, although perhaps he should start. rotfl.gif



You know what’s even better than a grilled Italian sausage sandwich on a sesame seed roll with provolone and yellow mustard?

That same sandwich with some lovely, lovely sauteéd onions and peppers.  :mrgreen:

I love when they’re cooked in a little butter (or ghee!) until they’re nicely caramelized and sweet. . . the contrast to the spicy sausage is just THE BEST!  😆


Hey, you know what I think of this whole swine ‘flu thing?  😯

I mean, come on. . . suddenly, out of nowhere, people are just dropping like flies?  It’s aliens, I tell you.  😉


And here it is, Monday yet again!  Well, for you it’s Monday – I’m actually writing this on Sunday evening.  😯

But ssshhhh . . . it’ll be our secret, OK?  😉

PhotobucketAs I mentioned above, both the baby artichokes and the ramps were huge hits last week!  I was particularly happy with last week’s sausage risotto with ramps; look forward to a blow-by-blow later on this week.  The surprise hit, though, was definitely the Linguine with Tuna, Walnuts, Lemon and Herbs – this was a quick meal (ready in the time it took to cook the pasta!) full of bright, bold flavors (tuna AND herbs AND walnuts AND lemon!) – we’ll definitely be seeing more of this dish around here!  😆

But onward and upward – and on to this week’s menu:

Monday –  Once again, it’s the first Monday of the month, and that means Thursday Night Smackdown’s Hobo Monday challenge.  This month’s challenge – a meal for 2 for less than $5, using chickpeas.  Dude.  We are gonna be kind of  making this one up as we go along!  Check back later this week for our final results.  😯

Tuesday – The weather says it’s going to be extra-nice, so a-grilling we go!  We’ve somehow still got a surplus of boneless pork loin chops in the freezer, as well as several sweet potatoes just begging to be used.  I found a “recipe” (and I use that term lightly) for fajita sweet potatoes, so we’ll probably be using some of the same sort of seasoning outside on the chops on the grill, too.  I’ll need to make a salad dressing that will complement those flavors, so if you’ve got any thoughts, feel free to drop them in the comments, okay?  Thanks.  😀

Wednesday – We’ve been watching America’s Test Kitchen again.  😳

We’re finally going to try their Crunchy Oven-Fried Fish using mahi mahi fillets that we picked up on sale a while back.  Add a baked potato and more salad, and we’ve got a nice mid-week dinner, don’t you think?

Thursday – OK, I have a confession.  Saturday evening, when we were making the lovely Linguine with Tuna, Walnuts, Lemon and Herbs, we didn’t actually use actual linguine.  :oops: No, we used mini fusilli instead – I’m kind of more a fan of smaller, chewier pasta.  That, and we didn’t happen to have any linguine, and we couldn’t decide whether to use spaghetti or fettucine.  😉

Anyway, on the back of the box was a recipe.  A very interesting recipe for Mini Fusilli with Creamy Spinach and Chicken – so we figured what the heck.  It’s got pasta!  And chicken!  And spinach!  And even heavy cream, which we happen to have on hand!  I’ll let you know how it works out . . .

Friday – Friday is, as always, pizza night.  I’m hoping the few ramps we have left will hold on until Friday, when I can enjoy them one more time before they’re gone forever.  Or at least until next year.  I doubt we’ll see them at the market again this season.  😥

If the ramps don’t make it, I think I’m going to try a sweet potato and rosemary pizza, which also intrigues me.  I’m going to hold back one sweet potato Tuesday – just in case I need it.  😀

And there you have it – this week’s menu.  Be sure to click on over to Org Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. judy - May 6, 2009

Hi guys and dolls. Sweet shoes girl! Loss of job just sucks. My daughter puts 3 part time jobs together to pay her bills!

It goes without saying how pleased with and proud of Stupor Kitty I am! And yes, I am utterly disappointed there was no picture of her on the bed BUT I truly understand one cannot have a camera attached to one’s body ALL the time ssooooo….I’ll happily settle for the update and imagine a happy girl in my mind. Made my day.

Great sounding food this week too…. !

Hope the upcoming week brings nothing but the best for all.

Toy Lady - May 6, 2009

Hey, Jude!

That old cat – she sure is getting brave! She’s taken to hissing at the dog whenever she hears him in the kitchen – through the closed door, of course! 😆

Between the two of them, we’re going to end up replacing that hollow kitchen door – I just know it. 🙄

He’s been pawing at it from one side, and he’s actually got a small hole started. . . and now she’s been clawing at it from her side, as well – little kitty scratch marks all over that side, too. THEN what are they going to do? 😯

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