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Monday Musings – 05.11.2009 May 11, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings.

Everyone survived Mothers’ Day intact, I assume?  It’s not really one of those family-intense holidays and is rather harmless, isn’t it?  😉Photobucket

Surly Boy did phone me first thing in the morning, (first thing for him) which was nice, though I’m not holding my breath waiting for his flowers to show up. . . 🙄

In the meantime, the first of my irises finally opened. . . to be followed any minute now, I’m sure, by one of its brethren – I think either another white one or one of the (almost) black irises will be next.  These flowers are just so gorgeous!


Isn’t Mr. Cardinal bold?


He’s been flitting around the back yard for a while now.  I’m pretty sure he’s not the same Mr. Cardinal from last year – he’s much smaller – I wonder if he’s a son?  Whoever he is, he’s certainly bright red, and he spends a great deal of time outsmarting those wily squirrels. . . 😆



So.  Miss Kitty’s getting mighty brave in the mornings, isn’t she?  😯

She knows I’m out walking the dog, so she’s evidently taken to perching at the top of the stairs (while her poppa is is in the shower) and just . . . wallowing in her Hater-Ade.  😯

But hey, if she’s going to start Taking Back The Upstairs while HE is out walking, it’s only a matter of time, right?

Right?  😉


Speaking of sad.  ‘Cuz really, what’s sadder than our kitty, anyway?  😥

This is.  I noticed, the other morning while the dog and I were out walking, that one of our neighbors had set up a bonfire-for-one.  😥

Seriously.  A fire pit, a hose. . . and one lonely chair.


Now THAT is the saddest thing ever.  😯


As I was waking up Saturday morning, I noticed that the Tin-Foil-Hat Show was actually playing a different song. . . 😯


We were running a little late Saturday when we went to the public market, and so we ended up parking . . . up the street.  We couldn’t help but chuckle at the sign posted on the fence of a neighboring business.


Which was somehow even more humorous when, as soon as we laughed out loud, there was a furious dog barking from somewhere far beyond the fence.  Ya know, I don’t think I want to challenge him.  😯



So, the mystery produce of the week is . . . fiddleheads!  😆

I have read about them and heard of them for, literally, years and never tried them.  According to the vendor, Wegmans (in Fairport only) does have fiddlehead fern, but for something like $13/lb.  😯

We had to get some.  We’ll be trying them later this week . . . wish us luck.  😉


I don’t know if you remember Alton Brown’s apple pie recipe from a couple of years back, but if you do, you’ll recall that it called for one unusual ingredient – grains of paradise.


Up until that show aired, I am convinced that no one in this hemisphere (except, obviously Alton Brown himself) had ever heard of such a spice.

And now it turns out that every time that show airs, spice shops, or at least our local Tadco, are inundated by requests for Grains of Paradise.

Our guy finally gave in and got some in stock, AND he also has a stall at the public market.  Which we visited this past weekend.  😆

Now we just have to get the appropriate fresh apples. . . 😀

PhotobucketPhotobucketAnd we’ve been working on getting an actual garden up and running.  We picked up some Swiss chard to plant – that can go in the ground a little early, so we picked some up this weekend to plant.

And we, of course, had some help.  Our Jarly Boy was quite diligent about chewing to bits any hunks of dirt or weeds that happened to come his way.

He doesn’t even mind having a tongue covered in dirt. . . 🙄



And once again, it’s time for Menu Plan Monday, courtesy of Organizing Junkie.

Monday – I’m taking the day off (10AM dentist’s appointment), so I’m going to try something . . . different.  I found some rhubarb this weekend, so, while I’ll certainly do some muffins, I would also like to try something savory – some sort of rhubarb chili, only, well, different.  I plan to take some time to experiment with a beef-bean-rhubarb sort of thing.  😀

Tuesday – We’re going to try making the cold sesame noodles from America’s Test Kitchen’s 2004 season.  Dude. It’s cold sesame noodles AND it’s America’s Test Kitchen.  I had never actually had cold sesame noodles until a couple of years ago.   I’ve been missing out. . . 😥

Wednesday –  Wednesday is supposed to be PRIMO grilling weather, and there’s very little I love better than a nice panini on the grill.  Who needs a uni-tasker like a panini press, anyway?  We’ll be using a cast iron griddle to weigh down the sandwich on the grill. . .

Thursday -It’s supposed to be rainy here Thursday, so we’ll be doing an old favorite, parmesan-crusted pork chops – boneless loin chops with a parmesan-lemon – panko crust, cooked on the stovetop with some rice and a nice tossed salad.  One of our favorites!

Friday – Friday is, as always, pizza night.  Last week’s ramps held out until Friday, so I finished them on my pizza, along with a few chunks of pineapple.  This week . . .well, I’ve still got that sad, lonely sweet potato, along with some lovely fresh rosemary, so I’ll be aiming again for the sweet potato and rosemary pizza.    Unless something more . .  . perishable turns up.   But  more than likely, I am all over it!  😆




1. judy - May 12, 2009

back again! Good stuff as usual. Stupor Kitty does look like total attitude in that snap. If she ever decides to “talk” to DOG ….. just thinking. 😦

I am sure the garden will be a great success with your on site supervisor who even does a soil sampling. Such a dog you have.

When I lived in Texas each spring a pair of cardinals would take up residence in the closest tree. I was on the second floor with a large balcony and had hummer feeders and a seed feeder too. I could hear their distinctive chirp a long way away so I would pull a chair up to the window to watch the feeder. Dad first with that royal color, then mom in the soft butter shade with her splashes of red AND as a total surprise there was a juvenile who approached the feeder too. Have hummers here now but no cardinals that I can hear.

Thanks as always and have a great week. hugs to fur babies.

2. Toy Lady - May 12, 2009

Judy, hi!

Kitty, of course, sends her love . . . such as it is. 🙄

And yes, up-my-butt puppy is still on the job! 😆

The funny thing about Mr. Cardinal – he’s not the same cardinal as in previous years. Not that I’m a bird expert or anything, but this guy looks smaller – and younger – and he doesn’t yet seem to have a Mrs. Cardinal. . .

And we haven’t seen any sign of Mr. Bluejay yet this year, either.

But we haven’t seen any hummingbirds, though. Now THAT would be cool. . .

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