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I Am Ninja Kitty May 13, 2009

Posted by Stupor Kitty in Big Lug, Home, Stupor Kitty.

Finally.  They let me back up into the house and give me a chance to take care of some business.

The Humans have been opening the door for me when they take IT out for their evening walk.   Any civilized pet would take care of business without an audience, but OH NO, he needs an audience.

The pig.  Dog.  Ptui.   🙄

So the other day I was upstairs, catching some rays in the bedroom window. . . getting a little fresh air, enjoying the sunshine.


Crud.  You’re back.  And I suppose you have HIM with you, don’t you?  😯   You know, they have a PLACE for canines that are annoying to kitties.  And who leave their stupid chewy-toys lying around.  They call it the POUND.    After all, who wants to have to shove a chewed-up THING out of the way to get to the window?  Just eeewwww.  😦


Yeah, yeah, I know.  He’s just a puppy.  How long are you going to keep buying into that hairball’s  schtick, anyway?  I mean, all he really does is get you up early in the morning, leave piles of, uh, stuff for you to clean up, and SHED.  Good lord!  Is it even natural to leave THAT MUCH hair lying around?  That’s disgusting!  😯PhotobucketI’ve heard it, believe me.  I listen to it all day – the thumping, the moaning, the whimpering, the barking . . . you don’t really think he’s being QUIET , do you?  And you can’t really, after A WHOLE YEAR, still be falling for that “cute puppy” bit, can you?

Surely even HUMANS are smarter than that. . . 🙄

So anyway, where was I?

Oh yes.  They finally figured out that I’m not about to scramble though that little “pet door” they installed – if they want my company, they can darn well leave the door open and make it EASY for me.  I am a mature kitty – I don’t scramble through pet doors.


So it seems that I may have lost track of time and they came back – with THE BEAST – a little sooner than I expected, and I was still enjoying a little R&R time.

You don’t seriously think I was going to go downstairs with HIM in the house, do you?

I don’t think so.

I’ll just hang around upstairs in the bedroom for a while, thank you very much.

No, really.  I don’t want to go anywhere.  I’m good.



You guys just sit around in the living room, watch your TV, laugh it up.  I don’t mind.

One day you’ll see.   You’ll realize that you don’t mess with The Kitty.

Your Big Lug tried to.  He thought he caught a glimpse of me.  Yes he did.  But I used my Kitty Telepathy on him.  Yes I did.  I told him to Shut up or I would End Him.  Yes indeed.

This is not the kitty you’re looking for.  Move along.

And while he was cowering in the corner, wondering what was going to happen to him, I just slithered my way down the stairs, right past all of them, including that giant hairball they call a WATCHDOG, and into the kitchen, to wait for someone with thumbs to open the door to my sanctuary . . .


Ho hum.  These humans have a lot to learn about kitties, don’t they.  🙄



1. Mazco34 - May 13, 2009

You’re a wide kitty. That’s why you don’t scramble through pet doors.

But who am I to speak.

Kettle – Pot. Pot – Kettle.

You might want to try Hill’s Science Diet Lite.

Toy Lady - May 13, 2009

Yeah, we’re going to switch foods when we get closer to finishing the SAM’S CLUB container we’re working on. 🙄

That, and as soon as I can get her harness back on her, we’ll try going for walks. It’ll be nice and cozy – one big happy family, taking our evening walks together. . . 😆

anne - May 13, 2009

THAT will be something I want to see on youtube! Stupor Kitty and Big Lug, in their harnesses, side by side on a walk around the block. Uh-huh.

Stupor Kitty types quite well. Is that what she has been doing in the basement all these months?

2. Toy Lady - May 14, 2009

What, Anne, you don’t think they’ll enjoy going for long walks on the beach together . . . 😉

I’ve got to tell you, we’re starting to wonder if she’s been working on some sort of transporter technology or something down there! I honestly have NO IDEA how she got down the stairs, through the living room and RIGHT PAST US without our seeing her. She’s just not that stealthy. 😯

3. judy - May 18, 2009

You know you are just MAKIN MY WEEK with kitty stories. It is the attitude that will get her through this and she has a fair amount of that, but then what cat doesn’t.

Seriously I am glad to see her out and about so to speak. And, yes, we do know just how sneaky and stealthy a kitty can be. So…

thank you for the news and for the pictures. Oh, I use Science Diet too, indoor cats with fur ball control. Just a mention.

The bread making sounds like a good use of Peeps time. Work is good but what an ungodly time to get up for anything! Although I have a workaholic sister who is at work by 5:00 a.m just because she can. Of course she goes to bed at 8:00 p.m. every night. Makes for short visiting when I go to visit!

Have a good one you guys. judy

Toy Lady - May 19, 2009

She is certainly getting more and more bold. I’m hoping that before too much longer, she’s going to just give it up and join the land of the living again. 🙄

I’ve caught her, a couple of times, sticking her face into the kitchen and hissing at him when she KNOWS he’s right there – she is looking to start something. . . 😯

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