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Please remember May 22, 2009

Posted by Peeps in Politics, random stuff.

This is the start of Memorial Day weekend.  The unofficial start of Summer.  Grilling season goes into full swing.  White shoes can be worn.  If you actually ever wear white shoes.

However, people seem to forget what Memorial Day is.  The purpose of it is to remember and honor all those who died in the military service of this country.  These people made the biggest sacrifice possible in order for the rest of the population of this great nation to remain free.

This is a humbling thing.  I like being a soft, pampered civilian.  And it bothers me that people have to be put into harms way for this county.  It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to have men and women die in the service of the country.  But wishing for things never make them so.  We need a strong military to keep us safe.  Sadly, it appears we need it more than ever.

So when you’re starting up the grill this weekend, or opening that first beer after the softball game, or fighting through the sale crowd at the mall looking for the perfect pair of white shoes, I would like you to take a moment.  Stop whatever you’re doing and say “Thank you”.  Out loud.  You won’t look like an idiot, trust me.  But remembering those who died so that we could lead our daily lives unfettered is a simple thing.  A few seconds of your time.  But it’s something very important.  Don’t forget, your life would be vastly different if it weren’t for them.  Appreciate them.  Please.

My wife asked me to mention that we’re most likely going to be taking Monday off.  And yes, we will be raising a glass to absent companions.  But she will be back Tuesday with more riveting stuff for you.


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