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They Say It’s Your . . . June 17, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Family, Home, mirth & woe, random stuff.

Yeah, whatever. 😉

You know, at some point, we all reach an age where birthdays are just another weekday, don’t we?  I mean, I suppose we can celebrate another year closer to joining AARP, but really, who celebrates that, anyway?  😯

By the way, is this sad or what?  I went to link the AARP site and saw their recipe of the week and thought, “hey, that looks kinda good.”  😯

In fact, it looks like there’s all sorts of interesting stuff on that site.   Huh.  I guess I’m closer than I thought.  😥

As it happens, I’ve found myself working in the municipal finance industry for the past (too many) years, and what that basically means is that my birthday, June 15, falls on what’s known “in the industry” as Debt Service Day.  That’s always said with capital letters – that’s the day that 95% (maybe more) of the municipal (and other) securities in the known universe come due.

So what, exactly, does that mean?  Well, it means that I never, ever have my birthday off, because it’s the busiest time of the year – I’m lucky if I get out of work ON TIME on my birthday.  Which I didn’t this year, either.  🙄

In the weeks and months leading up to my thirty-thirteenth birthday I’ve noticed a few things.

I’ve noticed that it’s a lot easier to put on weight than to lose it.

Children irritate me a lot more than they used to.

In fact, people in general are a lot more annoying than they used to be.

So are yipping puppies.  👿

8:00 isn’t such a bad time to go to bed.

In fact, that whole Early Bird Special thing?  BRILLIANT idea!  Gives us plenty of time to get home, relax, and get a good night’s sleep!  😆

I’ve had an awful lot of (ahem) blonde hairs appearing lately.  😯

Yes, they’re blonde.  They’re a couple of shades lighter than my normal mousy brown.  😉

Now that my Surly Boy is approaching his 21st birthday (can you believe it?) the hands-on “mom” part of my job is essentially done.   Next stop:  Grandma!  😆

Spare me.  I’m SO not ready for that!  😯

I still have weight to lose, traveling to do, stuff to do!

Peeps upgraded my camera for me for my birthday – I still need to learn how to take decent photos!  (Of course, you’ll note that there aren’t any pictures on this post; I’ve been working late every night this week and haven’t had a chance to play with my new toy.)

I guess it could be worse, though.  I could be suffering from arthritis.

Or worse, going through The Change.  😯

Fortunately, it’s not quite time for the groin-o-cologist for me.  Yet.  😉


1. Mazco34 - June 17, 2009

Sorry about the birthday thing.
And this isn’t meant to rub it in; I never work on my birthday.
And it’s only 2 weeks after yours.

Again sorry, but Peeps will be glad to know that my wife is going through the change. Ask him to describe that hell.

Toy Lady - June 17, 2009

Ya know, you guys always blame everything on lady problems. 🙄

Peeps - June 18, 2009

Best of luck to you, guy. If you need to get out of town for a few days, you can stay with us.

2. anne - June 17, 2009

Thirty-thirteenth! :rofl: I’m going to use that .. um, well something like it since I’m a wee bit past that year.

Hope you had a happy day anyway. My boss’s b’day was the 15th also, and her teenage daughter spent the afternoon making a cake. She set it on the kitchen table, where the dog ate it. 😕

Toy Lady - June 18, 2009

OK, Anne, that’s funny! 😆

I think I’d rather have no cake at all than watch the DOG eat it!

3. judy - June 18, 2009

Bitch, bitch, bitch. Try waiting for the shoe to drop on me this year at 70! That is old or dead a lot of people think. Some days “they”
are right and some days not. Sorry you had to work. My DD absolutely refuses to work on her birthday… she has never been fired for it but I worry every year.

Just don’t count… I know… easier said than done. 70 JEEZ.


Toy Lady - June 18, 2009

You know, Judy, 70’s really not as old as it used to be . . . I remember when 30 was old! Now a 30-year-old seems like a kid!

4. judy - June 18, 2009

🙂 🙂


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