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Monday Musings – 06.29.2009 Edition June 29, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

And here it is, another Monday!  What’s going on in your world?  Here, we’re preparing for the 4th of July – we’ll be hosting my family for the holiday, so, of course, we’re planning the menu, planning our shopping list, planning planning planning.  😯

Do you realize that by next week it will be JULY?  😯

So yeah, anyway, Peeps is off work for a few days, so he’ll be smoking BUNCHES of stuff  — turkey breasts and pork butts – we’re going to call it the T&A menu. . . 😆


I woke up the other morning to the Tin Foil Hat Show on the radio – actually, every morning  I wake up to it.  But this particular morning was memorable because the host was playing Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole‘s arrangement of “Over the Rainbow.

What’s weird is that this was the morning of the day that Michael Jackson died.   And while I’m not going to bore you with memories of where I was when Thriller was released, I will say, as I’ve said before, that Michael Jackson’s story is tragic.  I just hope he found some kind of happiness  over that rainbow.


Surly Boy has come home for a few weeks – he’ll be leaving again for vocational training in a month or so.  Please don’t ask what I think about that – I just might tell you.  😳

PhotobucketHowever,  it’s kind of neat that he still does that hacky-sack thing, isn’t it? 😉



Friday afternoon, I got an email from Peeps entitled “Holy Crap.”  I’m just going to say – that’s never good.  😯

We were getting a hail storm to end all hail storms.

By the time I got home from work, about 3 hours later, there was still some ice left on the shady side of the house.  😯


The hail also did a job on the peas, tomatoes and even the Swiss chard in the garden. 😥

I’m just hoping the garden will recover – especially the peas.

I’ve been so looking forward to fresh peas.


PPhotobucketeeps and I picked strawberries this weekend.  It’s been several years since I’ve picked strawberries, and as for Peeps, well, he mentioned as we were pulling into the place that he had never picked a single strawberry.   Ever.  😯

I know, right?  But he’s from New Jersey . . .  😉

And anyway, he certainly has picked strawberries now.  😀



We picked three different varieties – the cabots, which were HUGE and easy to pick, though, to be honest, they didn’t have an awful lot of flavor.

And we also picked some earlyglow strawberries which, while full of flavor and sweetness, were wee. We also picked a variety called “Brunswick,” which was something of a happy medium – a little lot bigger than the earlyglows and slightly more flavor than the cabot berries.

Quite the size differential, wouldn’t you say?  😆



And so Peeps had his first strawberry-picking experience.


And if you’ll excuse me a moment, it seems that  there’s some kind of rule or something – I can’t do a post about a strawberry field without, well, Strawberry Fields. . . 😯


Since we’re going to be hosting the 4th of July here for my family, we’re spending the better part of the week planning and cooking . . . right now we’ve got two pork butts and two turkey breast just thawing in the fridge – we’ll cook them later in the week.  So what that means is that this week, we’ll be relying on a lot of pantry staples — stuff that doesn’t need to get thawed.  😯

Monday – Clean out the Fridge – Version 1.0 – Peeps brought some fresh pasta home from work, and  I think it will be delightful with some bacon, what’s left of the garlic scapes I got at the market last week, and a bit of grated romano cheese.   Um, I guess all I can say is “where’s the bad?”

Tuesday – OK, we’ve got a couple of dozen eggs and a bunch of “stuff”  in the fridge – how about a frittata with a bit of red onions, some leftover pork rib meat, a little cheese and a bunch of spinach from the garden?  I think it could SO WORK.  😀

Wednesday – Have I mentioned that Peeps works for The Ravioli Shop?  And that he periodically brings home, well, “factory seconds”?  And how we occasionally end up with a ravioli overload?

Yeah, we’ll be trying to  chip away at the ravioli surplus we find ourselves with . . . it’s a good thing Surly Boy is here to help with that.  😆

Thursday – After (planning) three meatless meals in a row, I found myself prematurely craving red meat.  😯

Since this is the day Peeps will be doing the bulk our our smoking for the 4th, I wanted to keep dinner as painless as possible for him.  We pulled our last package of beef tenderloin tips out of the freezer – we’ll either skewer the tenderloin tips, or, if the weather isn’t cooperative,I’ll do something indoors with them . . . still kind of an undecided thing, I guess.  😯

Friday – Friday is, as always, pizza night!  I love the opportunity to use leftovers on pizza – it has certainly made for some interesting pizzas lately!  😆

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.



1. Mazco - June 29, 2009

I went to Google and put in “Tin Foil Hats” as the search term and this was the 5th entry.

On Tin-Foil Hats & the Pre-Dawn Hours « Dark Side of the Fridge May 6, 2009 … The Tin-Foil-Hat Show is on from 2-5 AM. Here’s the thing. … The Tin-Foil-Hat Show. I lie in bed every morning for about 10 minutes and …
darksideofthefridge.wordpress.com/…/on-tin-foil-hats-the-pre-dawn-hours/ – Cached – Similar

Pretty damn cool!

Toy Lady - June 29, 2009

And WHY, may I ask, are you Googling “tin foil hats”? 😯

Just, you know, wondering. . .

Mazco - June 29, 2009

I was trying to find a link to that show, but Dark Side came up instead.

Toy Lady - June 30, 2009

Ah, I see.

You, um, know that it’s not REALLY called the tin-foil hat show, right? 😉

Here you go:


2. angie - June 29, 2009

that would be wonderful perk for the job though extra food I also love the look of those red strawberries delicous

Toy Lady - June 29, 2009

Angie, you’re right – it is a great perk – and who doesn’t love ravioli? But MAN that stuff takes up space in the freezer! 😆

And I’ve already cleaned all and frozen some of those lovely strawberries to enjoy when they’re NOT in season. 😉

3. greenvneck - June 29, 2009

Hi! I clicked on your link from Menu Plan Monday. What a fun blog!

Toy Lady - June 29, 2009

Why, thank you, Green! (May I call you Green?) 😛

I hope you’ll feel free to stop by any time. . .

greenvneck - June 29, 2009

Sure, but most people call me Deb ;).

Toy Lady - June 29, 2009

Well, I guess that would work too. But, you know, green IS my favorite color. 😀

4. greenvneck - June 30, 2009

Oh, hey, mine too! Big surprise, right? 😉

Toy Lady - June 30, 2009

Either way, you are quite welcome here! No matter what color you want to be. 😆

5. judy - June 30, 2009

Fun as always and I won’t comment about no comments about you know who this time as you have been busy with working and planning and picking and mothering!

I could relate to the strawberry picking although I have only been blueberry picking which I hope to do again this summer. Have a great weekend and eat well and lots.


Toy Lady - June 30, 2009

You know the kitty’s just fine – she keeps dashing up into the kitchen every time we open the door, then the dog comes out and back she goes!

Though he still likes to do an occasional kitty-check in the mornings after our walks, but I think she’s wised up to that.

I’m looking forward to picking some blueberries this summer too. And I’m hoping to find some tart cherries close to home, too.

6. judy - June 30, 2009

Oh, I forgot! That is SAD about the hail vs garden event. Unfortunately hail usually wins so I so hope that your vegies will fight hard to stay upright and feed you well, especially the peas!

I lost more than one battle to that white stuff.


Toy Lady - June 30, 2009

Thanks, Jude. It looks like we’re going to be OK – the peas are still alive (yay) and fortunately, I’d staked the tomatoes early, so they weathered (heh) the storm a lot better than they could have.

:crossing fingers:

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